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About a decade earlier in 19982 umpire David Constant was embroiled in a controversy involving Sikander Bakht whom he had given caught off the pad which cost Pakistan the test at Healingly.
Works by the show's twenty-one artists and collaborative teams, spread across the walk-up's second floor, predictably included a number of talismanic objects designed to convey and receive supernatural energy--Psychedelic Soul Stick, 2001, a shamanistic staff wrapped in beads, bangles, and buttons, by Jim Lambie, and Pink and Gold Masks, 2006, Jennifer Cohen's array of gilded and painted talismans, both proposed an unspecified supernatural immanence for themselves, while the twinned crystal balls (one portentously dark, the other healingly clear) of Eva Rothschild's Actualisation, 1998, concretized the modern dialectic between old-school mysticism and New Age spirituality.