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Community health centers work to improve the health of the nation by ensuring access to quality primary health care services.
Senator Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) today announced that critical funding for community health centers will be reauthorized for two years.
said the city government had grouped the 26 health centers and its employees' clinic into six clusters, each with a designated pharmacy outlet.
We had a community wide BBQ to celebrate National Health Center Week and included the NCFH Artwork poster in the items that we raffled off.
Great Brook Valley Health Center and the Family Health Center are two community health centers in Worcester that provide everything from primary care, X-ray services, dental care, sports medicine, substance abuse services and nutrition counseling.
The application of the HIPAA privacy rule in these settings may differ markedly from its application in private physician offices or school-based health centers.
In conjunction with the counselor, the health center staff can be a conduit to parents for information concerning camper well-being.
For example, the HRSA Health Center Quality Improvement and Patient Centered Medical Home Supplemental Funding initiative is providing 904 community health centers nationwide new support to provide care coordination services to patients including care planning and efforts to help doctors work together to deliver better care for patients.
In their letter, Isakson and 66 of his Senate colleagues expressed their strong support for community health centers, which provide access to cost-effective primary and preventive care for families across the country.
North High School's health center closed in December, when the nurse wanted to return to Great Brook Valley's main office.
The Burbank Health Center had 16,400 visitors in 2001.

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