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Colorado cut funding to health centers and programs that fund centers by $15 million.
McGovern said the city health centers provide preventive and primary care services to patients regardless of their ability to pay, setting their charges according to income.
In addition, some provision may be made for reporting the treatment to an insurer or for billing the guardian for special health center services.
On the unit at Galtier Health Center, there may be many family members in attendance.
Community health centers work to improve the health of the nation by ensuring access to quality primary health care services.
is a successful nationwide collaboration among health centers, mental health centers, health center controlled networks and partners.
Great Brook Valley Health Center and the Family Health Center are two community health centers in Worcester that provide everything from primary care, X-ray services, dental care, sports medicine, substance abuse services and nutrition counseling.
Mom Rosario Ochoa holds son Oscar, 2, as phlebotomist Deanne Caldarelli draws blood for testing at the newly renovated Northeast Valley Health Center in Pacoima.
After the fourth and final round of FY 2002 health center grants is announced, HHS will have invested $165 million this year in 260 new and expanded health centers capable of serving an additional 1.
The health center should be documenting accidents around camp and suggesting interventions, if needed.
In order to effectively compete in this new marketplace, "academic health centers have substantial barriers to overcome.
Today's award will fund Bandon Community Health Center and Columbia Community Mental Health in Oregon to provide a more comprehensive range of primary health care services and/or expand their services to the larger community.

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