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Participating in this dialogue about standards and operating rules for claims attachments offered an opportunity for MEA/NEA to share its extensive experience and help drive meaningful change in secure health information exchange.
and North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP) that provides health information exchange (HIE) and data analytics tools and services for streamlining data sharing between providers, hospital systems and health plans in order to improve patient outcomes and reduce the cost of care.
Certify Data Systems has been a pioneer in using health information exchange technology to help providers exchange essential health information in real-time," said Willard.
This growth comes on the heels of the recent announcement that GLHC has surpassed 1 billion health information transactions annually, making it one of only a few health information exchanges in the country to achieve this kind of volume.
The healthcare field is in the midst of an exciting transition to electronic health records, and I look forward to working with the state s vibrant healthcare community to implement a Health Information Exchange that delivers on the promise of health information technology to provide improved care at lower cost, while assuring the privacy and security of personal health information, said Recarey.
The next milestone will allow hospitals, providers and patients involved in the Lewis and Clark Health Information Exchange (LACIE), a sister HIE located in Missouri but stretching into Northwest Kansas, to begin to operationalize HIE-to-HIE clinical information exchange, tying all HIE participants throughout the state together for the first time.
News & World Report Honor Roll Hospitals for 2014-2015, and leading health information exchanges (HIEs) across the United States.
The board's vision for a health information exchange network in Tennessee remains, and we hope that vision can be realized down the road," said Dr.
The growth of our health information exchange network is a testament to the strong leadership shown by health care organizations and providers across the state of Colorado," said Morgan Honea, chief executive officer at CORHIO.
We are committed to working with the provider community to provide secure, standards-based health information exchange solutions that will improve patient care and help lower healthcare costs in Minnesota and nationally," said ApeniMED CEO John Fraser.
The health information exchange has a robust membership and it will help the providers in the network share patient information quickly and accurately.

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