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The benefits from a health insurance contract are not reduced by the insurance company because all benefits are contractually fixed in the underwriting process.
We show that an increase in the gross price of medical care has two effects on demand, the usual response of reduced quantity demanded and a health insurance contract choice effect resulting from the consumer's incentive to change his insurance plan.
Since the health insurance contracts for young workers and retirees differ and agents pay their health care bills with a one period lag we have to distinguish between new and existing old people.
Plaintiffs' lawyers and other bashers of the insurance industry naturally reject so benign a view of the health insurance contract.
They adopt an approach under which the assumption is made that a life insurance contract and an accident and health insurance contract that could be sold separately should be allowed to be sold together, without endangering the contract's qualification as a life insurance contract under Sec.
In 2004, this hidden tax cost Washington employers an average of $902 per family health insurance contract -- 13 percent of all commercial hospital and physician costs.
Compulsory mutual health insurance contract for all employees covered by the oph statute and with optional membership for agents in the territorial public service -land only.
Pohl-Boskamp GmbH received its first Health Insurance contract in Germany covering Uracyst.
Contract notice: Compulsory collective health insurance contract and pension plan.
Service contract for the purchase of a compulsory supplementary health insurance contract for the needs of the MSA of Alsace.
The GovGuam health insurance contract has been signed which will enable employees of GovGuam to have a choice of their health insurance provider.
This contract is for the establishment, by the chamber of agriculture of aveyron, a supplementary health insurance contract on the basis of a "responsible" contract for all of its agents as well as ~their dependents as of 01/01/2018 pursuant to the public procurement code, articles 26, 33 and 57.

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