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HEALTH OFFICER. The name of an officer invested with power to enforce the health laws. The powers and duties of health officers are regulated by local laws.

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Each state health officer was asked to score each KSA from one low) to five (high) on the KSA'S importance to the job IJ); his or her perception of a new health officer's initial ability IA); and his or her opinion of the desired ability (DA) for someone in that job (2).
The District Health Officer Dr Amir Sheikh said that dengue control drive was being carried out on scientific basis and after collecting data of each house, teams would visit every house and if adult dengue mosquito is found, spray would be carried out there and adjoining eight houses to eliminate the virus.
There is no laboratory diagnosis since none of the facilities has functional laboratory hence suggestive clinical perspective were dysentery, ameobiases and malnutrition especially among children under five years,' said the health officer.
Repique, 47, served as Cavite's health officer for the last seven years.
Star Tandoori in Monument Road, Edgbaston, was shut down by environmental health officers following the discovery of a serious mice infestation last Wednesday.
On the occasion Lakki Marwat EPI coordinator Dr Hafeezullah and Bannu district health officer presented a detailed briefing on the performance of health institutions in their respective area of jurisdiction.
What does a career as an environmental health officer involve?
But a more junior environmental health officer - Jamie Davies - had recommended Tudor should not be allowed to trade as a butcher until he had gained an intermediate food safety qualification.
Last week a council health officer visited the shop and spotted a cockroach.
The FPB, which champions the cause of more than 25,000 independent firms across Britain, says giving such arbitrary power to a council environmental health officer amounts to a breach of human rights.
Senior environmental health officer Judith Smith- who served the notice - said that up until their visit there had been no action taken to tackle the problem.
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