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HEALTH OFFICER. The name of an officer invested with power to enforce the health laws. The powers and duties of health officers are regulated by local laws.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Meanwhile, a meeting regarding anti-dengue campaign was held at Rawalpindi Cantonment Board office which was chaired by Additional Executive Officer Faisal Munir Wattoo and attended by Vice President Malik Munir, Public Health Officer,
The Additional Deputy Commissioner-II Tharparkar Syed Kabir Shah, District Health Officer Tharparkar Dr.
Council chairman Simon Kimani said the university has now an opportunity to train more professionals in order to address the shortage.He said the county has 4,000 registered public health officers against a population of approximately 45 million citizens.
Rawalpindi District Health Officer Dr Tahir Rizvi said that as sacrificial animal were being transported in the city areas it has been decided to create public awareness to protect the people from Congo fever and spread of virus could be checked by taking preventive measures.
"The Mayor allegedly misbehaved with the health officer on Monday.
The District Health Officer said that 11 officials of district health authority including medical officers, dispensers and computer operators would perform duties at the camp.
District Health Officer Mastung Doctor Manzoor Baloch informed that mostly women and children got badly affected by Food Poisoning.
The health officer said medical clinics of 50 quacks had been sealed in the district.
ASTORE: District Health Officer (DHO), Khursheed Ahmed here on Monday said the Health Department was taking concrete measures to provide best healthcare facilities to the area people.
District Health Officer (HR) Dr Muhammad Javed Sahi informed that the SPRS has been introduced for the first time in district to ensure round-the-clock regular checking and monitoring of the referral and shifting of any patient from any Basic Health Unit (BHU) to any big hospital (THQ and DHQ) in district by using the advanced technology.
The Mississippi State Department of Health announced that Interim State Health Officer and former State Epidemiologist Thomas E.
A farmer who caused unnecessary suffering to his cows and then hit an animal health officer over the head when he tried to take them away, has appeared at Dumfries Sheriff Court this week.
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