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2016) Detailed heart rate variability analysis in athletes.
Change in heart rate and heart rate variability during treatment for depression in patients with coronary heart disease.
The relationship between heart rate variability and prostaglandin E2 in patients with renal insufficiencies.
Heart rate variability explored in the frequency domain: A tool to investigate the link between heart and behavior.
Heart rate variability : Standards of measurement, physiological interpretation and clinical use.
In this study, it was aimed to investigate ventricular arrhythmias in children with primary MVP and to evaluate the relationship of ventricular arrhythmias with QT dispersion, QT length, heart rate variability and autonomic function tests.
It turns out that heart rate variability and visceral metastases were significantly related, and heart rate variability did not predict survival," he said, explaining that those with visceral metastases (and therefore, cancer with a much poorer prognosis) died sooner, but heart rate variability didn't make much of a difference.
Heart rate variability and cardiac troponin I are incremental and independent predictors of one-year all-cause mortality after major noncardiac surgery in patients at risk of coronary artery disease.
Reduced heart rate variability is associated with poor prognosis whereas increased variability is a characteristic of healthy heart3,4.
Methods: Short-term heart rate variability (HRV) was measured by impedance plethysmograph recording of pulse wav e in distal superficial arteries.

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