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There was something about those distorted circus mirrors that created a vision of heat haze...
Of course, volcanic activity produces extreme heat and heat haze, in much the same way as the air shimmers above a hot desert.
On a sunny day - they're not hard to find on Corfu - the sea is the colour of cornflower and the cliffs emerald green through the heat haze.
ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US 3D (PG) THE hormonal heat haze created at last week's London premiere of the boy band's movie was so intense it was actually visible from space.
But I prefer Pascal Roge's soothing Jimbo's Lullaby to Hewitt's rather brisk traversal.The Pour le piano pieces, Deux Arabesques and Danse have a bracing baroque-like feel, with the rhythmic precision Hewitt brings to her Bach recordings, while L'isle joyeuse glows in a late-romantic heat haze.The Suite bergamasque is sweet but not cloying with a chaste and beautiful Clair de lune.
Representing the neon glow of the never-sleeping city, this limited edition was created for the "young, energetic, stylish and confident women who electrify New York." 212 Glam's metallic ice cube top shimmers against the transparent glass bottom, allowing the juice to contrast beautifully with the silvery top, and "shimmer like a summer heat haze typical of Manhattan." The top notes of toffee and lollipop bring out the sweet, playful side of the scent.
JUDDMONTE'S star mare Hasili, dam of top-level winners Banks Hill, Cacique, Champs Elysees, Heat Haze and Intercontinental as well as leading sire Dansili, is set to visit Zamindar this season, writes Nancy Sexton.
Heat haze can threaten footage of a summer barbecue or the ability to locate an enemy target.
Through the heat haze loomed the unmistakable gait of an old colleague from the Birkenhead News of the 1960s.
Yosano compares longest postwar economic boom to 'heat haze'
Blue-Green Forest is equally effective, its woozy green lawn and pale birchlike trees seeming to drift in and out of focus against the aqua sky as though seen through a heat haze. In Three Trees (Blue, Violet, Pink, Green), Easter-egg pastels mark out a zigzag road or river while the trees and sky are built from large areas of blue and gray that suggest a stained-glass window.
It was a "blazing summer afternoon with the heat haze shimmering over the meadows," the elderly Alice Liddell Hargreaves remembered in the 1930s; even after seven decades, she retained a "distinct recollection." Just one problem, notes Will Brooker in Alice's Adventures: Lewis Carroll in Popular Culture (Continuum): Weather records indicate that the day was cool, overcast, and, by mid-afternoon, rainy.