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When pavement, sand and other surfaces absorb intense energy from the sun, an unstable layer of hot air forms and bends light, causing the shimmering effect known as aniso-planatism, or heat haze.
I have sent them you then, to the farm you planned, to the heat haze in which you seem to waver, where you lie beneath the same unsteerable wreck your wife taught me to drive when you were drunk and which I still own a seventh of, let's not forget, (Tell him we never slept together, Claire) instead of now, when I hear of your death, after your stroke at my age give a month or two, now, when you never made it to Mexico and Claire remarried and never had children and the clapboard safe house fell down at last and the blue pick up went for scrap years back.
Blue-Green Forest is equally effective, its woozy green lawn and pale birchlike trees seeming to drift in and out of focus against the aqua sky as though seen through a heat haze.
60 upset victory in the 1998 Derby and he has also been astride Matriarch champions Starine in 2001 and Heat Haze in 2003.
This beautiful archipelago rises out of the heat haze as you approach.
At 3350m, Europe's tallest and most active volcano appears to be suspended in the sky above a heat haze and a band of clouds.
The panoramic views of Toronto from the slightly higher Sky Pod platform are amazing even through the summer heat haze.
PAIR 02 Offers Heat Haze Elimination and Video Stabilization
One Direction: This Is Us (3D) 92mins PG THE hormonal heat haze created at last week's London premiere of the boyband's movie was so intense it was actually visible from space.
The M6 isn't a very nice place to reside when you're stuck in 15 miles of stationary traffic; windows open, the fragrant summer aromas transformed into a diluted form of smog by a mountain of exhaust fumes - all in a humid heat haze.
Best, however, is Lonely Girl - a country-rooted rock song that shimmers like a heat haze, and contains gorgeous guitar.