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Rabbis Amar and Metzger begin their letter with, "First of all, we wish to clarify that we are not discussing the issue of the disengagement at all, and certainly that which we write below is not an expression of opinion on this matter, Heaven forbid.
What happens if, heaven forbid, there is a massive vehicle accident and an independent assessment says there weren't enough life boats - sorry, the surface was to blame?
Heaven forbid that a few dog fans who are putting the work in are backing more winners than the pin-sticker.
The money wasted on this pointless project could have gone on surveillance equipment, counter-terror training or, heaven forbid, hiring new ofUcers.
But heaven forbid members of the general public who, if caught, would have felt the full force of the smoking gestapo police.
To have a shop like this may encourage a certain type of person into the area that may cause future distress to vulnerable and innocent people and, heaven forbid, children.
But heaven forbid the ladies have to mingle with the press or bemused ageing Germans, who go to Baden-Baden for health treatment.
They don't want to be rude or arrogant; they just want a place where, heaven forbid, they can enjoy a cigarette.
Or is it because, heaven forbid, his Scouse connections make him somehow unsuitable for the Eton-educated special agent?
Heaven forbid the 'chune' was tired elevator-music; something from Phil Collins' back catalogue perhaps.