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Mr Fitzpatrick seemed a little thunderstruck with this, and more confused than I had seen him, though his ideas are always confused enough, heaven knows.
A line for a day would be quite as much as my uneventful life would need, Heaven knows,' said Jasper, taking a book from a desk,
It is bad enough, Heaven knows, but we must not take too dark a view of it.
Say, old man," he whispered in his ear,--they were sitting side by side now in the Bal Tabarin,--"if you are going on like this, Heaven knows where you'll land at the end of it all
Heaven knows I have had torment enough at the bare possibility of that; it was for joy to find that you had some depth of soul and feeling after all, and to hope that I had not been utterly mistaken in your worth.
Heaven knows, for to my mind nothing at all, I mean she isn't even a brilliant singer/actress so why award her a doctorate?
SUPER-smart televisions will soon be snooping on us, passing on what we say to heaven knows who.
We're in Manchester, it's grey and wet and heaven knows Morrissey's character, Vince McKee, is miserable now.
I know the issues are more complex, heaven knows my dad has told me every blessed detail, but I, for one, had I been given the right as a Scot by birth, to vote, would have said a huge, "no thanks
We Can Stop the War WE can stop the war Before it begins By having more peace talks After the fight is over There will be peace talks And deals will be made And the naughty children Will be forgiven But man and woman Have to make a living But whoever wins a war If we use our brains There will be less bloodshed Heaven knows the outcome And number ten knows How to start a war If we send missiles over there They might come back Where will they land Not in somebody's hand We can stop the war Before it begins By having more peace talks The naughty children Will see new light And we sleep Better in our beds If things go to plan Everything will be all right.
And didn't turn an interest' Tha| HEAVEN knows there's little to break the dull rhythm of the rubber stamp falling at a full council meeting, so half a Brownie point to Lord Mayor Gary Crookes for leading the chamber in a chorus of Happy Birthday To You for council leader Ann Lucas.
Heaven knows, many motorists already seem to struggle to concentrate.