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Heaven forfend, it might even involve asking players to get sent off, to wipe the disciplinary sheet clean.
Heaven forfend that those responsible should not be put in the stocks and made to endure being pelted by the public with verbal rotten eggs.
Heaven forfend me from Lamarck nonsense of a 'tendency to progression' 'adaptations from the slow willing of animals' &c,--but the conclusions I am led to are not widely different from his--though the means of change are wholly so--I think I have found out (here's presumption
And we pray that heaven forfend the day when the chocolate martini is not merely sanctioned, but required under a thoroughly strained reading of the equal protection clause.
One blindingly obvious answer is that on the very rare occasions when our rulers come up with a genuinely innovative idea - heaven forfend a radical improvement - it is doomed to a death by a thousand cuts inflicted on it by the various entrenched interest groups who have a treacly tentacle in the decision-making process.
Birmingham, a modern city of a million people, might be exposed as a place where, heaven forfend, naked women can be glimpsed in a club licensed by the council.
Oddly, however, Lois Lane's early grammar jokes fall flat: Can it be that the British -- heaven forfend -- don't get them?
In other words, the deserving poor--not, heaven forfend, the ghetto girl, seduced again and again by welfare, who has been Moynihan's obsession from the early sixties to the closing pages of his latest book.
Heaven forfend they should encourage anything which might benefit the environment as well
Labour and heaven forfend, even the Scottish Tories, have more female MSPs.
So heaven forfend that I would enjoy watching Lord Grantham erupt in horror when his youngest daughter wants to marry the cute Irish chauffeur.