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He heads the list of dangers, with Heaven Forfend and Highland Chief other candidates for the podium.
Heaven forfend your online numbers dip, for example (not as successful today as you were last month?).The winning formula--if there is such a thing--is an amalgam of variables, and most of them are out of our direct control.
Heaven forfend children not having access to video games for a couple of hours in the formerly rustic park.
Selling Santon, for example, was good business for the CLUB, not for the team, or the head coach, or -- heaven forfend -- the supporter's aspirations, just the balance sheets.
"For it to break out fully, it could take a day, or heaven forfend, five or six terrorist attacks.
If, however, you think a meal is not a meal without potatoes, rice, bread or (heaven forfend) dessert, by all means include them -- but in controlled amounts.
Even when they haven't been fixing Tests against England, they have forfeited them in a fit of pique over suggestions that (heaven forfend) they may have been ball-tampering.
Or - heaven forfend! - being forced to graft at some form of work that was clearly beneath them.
That explains why the United States through the years has dropped bombs around Muammar Qaddafi--but not, heaven forfend, directly on him--and why Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, and Robert Mugabe continue hale and hearty.
I know my numbers and heaven forfend they should roll out (never have since it started obviously).
Heaven forfend, it might even involve asking players to get sent off, to wipe the disciplinary sheet clean.
Heaven forfend me from Lamarck nonsense of a 'tendency to progression' 'adaptations from the slow willing of animals' &c,--but the conclusions I am led to are not widely different from his--though the means of change are wholly so--I think I have found out (here's presumption!) the simple way by which species become exquisitely adapted to various ends."