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Hailing and Hegel: Racist Interpellation and Hegelian Dialectics
The Hegelian dialectic at play in the imaginations of Hoban and Miller creates the necessity to present antithetical symbols to humanity in these novels.
In venturing this critique, Marx and Engels do not claim to reject Hegelian dialectic but rather to turn it "on its head" for the sake not merely of "interpreting the world but of changing it.
The essays are variants of two dominant trends in theater historiography at the end of the twentieth century--that is, of neo-nationalist and neo-imperial narratives which have fought for domination under the haunting shadow of a displaced and reformed Hegelian dialectic.
In these mobile terms, Du Bois's appropriation of the Hegelian dialectic model can be construed as a mapping of flows which constitute African-American identity.
While Desmond affirms what is positive in Hegelian dialectic, he points out that there is an inexorable progression in modern dialectic from indeterminacy through determination to self-determination, which is interpreted as a move from the essentially imperfect to the perfect.
446) one can distinguish two elements in the Hegelian dialectic that is crucial for this distinction, namely the primacy of concepts and the integral role of sublation.
Milbank's commentary on Zizek's Christian atheism fixes on the logic of the Hegelian dialectic which Zizek uses to understand the Trinity.
Jensen combines Hegelian dialectic and Piercean semiotics in his deliberate "misreading" of Jung--by which term he signals an intention "to read .
The rest of the chapter deals with Hegelian dialectic, which Sciabarra praises for its antidualism, dynamism, and holism, but criticizes for its historicized version of Plato's synoptic vision: the philosopher's retrospective account of history from the absolute moment at history's end.
Bagehot might have added: In the faculty of perpetrating evil, common sense is no match for the Hegelian dialectic.
13) In short, the task of Hegelian dialectic itself.