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HEIFER. A young cow, which has not had a calf. A beast of this kind two years and a half old, was held to be improperly described in the indictment as a cow. 2 East, P. C. 616; 1 Leach, 105.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The effects of controlled feeding of a high-forage or high-concentrate ration on heifer growth and first-lactation milk production.
Fresh heifers sold regularly in excess of 2,000gns with the top being 2,200gns for Bluebell Even Quest VG85.
Jersey Judge: Mr J Suffern, Crumlin Champion and reserve: T A Jackson, Guillyhill, Holywood Heifer - 1 T A Jackson; 2 Hannah Graham, Hillend Farm, Annan.
If you are resource-constrained, then, instead of the young stock supplement, simply use 1kg crushed grain per heifer, per day, but you will miss the first insemination target.
"The practice has pelvic-measured around 1,500 beef heifers in the past five years and some of our customers who routinely do it haven't had a caesarean since," said Mr Jamieson.
Heifers and Bull Calves: Crosshouse (BBLUEX) PS3300; Pitcairn (LimX) PS3800; The Ross (AAX) PS3000; Chartershall (BP) PS2750; Crosshouse (BLimX) PS3050; Pitcairn (ContX) PS3200.
Through a variety of specifically tailored, interconnected programs, Heifer teaches people around the world how to use environmentally friendly farming methods, to create and operate businesses and to support their communities with their knowledge.
Nor did he finish there, paying 3,100gns for the reserve champion maiden heifer, 24-month-old Hafodesgob Molly 162, from Gwenfair Jones & Sons, Bala.
| Top five A lot heifer calves: PS520 Shoestring Huck Anya to DP Manning and Co; PS500 Shoestring Annie to Miss A Goodier; PS500 Shoestring Vinold Gundl to Mr J Ball; PS450 Shoestring Dundee Amy to Miss A Goodier; and PS420 Shoestring Dundee Belle to WG and EA Trow and Son.
One hundred beef heifer calves originating from two separate frame size cow herds at the DREC were weaned mid-October 2010 and weaning weight and hip height measurements were recorded.
She noted that the changes in people's fortunes thanks to Heifer's work were noticeable, foremost in the health of the children they visited.
According to the company, its test will aid decision-making process for breeding and heifer selection.