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Asthmatics using the Heimlich maneuver every other night before retiring experience significant relief of their symptoms.
Before Friday, Weil had never performed the Heimlich maneuver and said he had no formal training in the technique.
And while most may not consider themselves heroic for performing the Heimlich maneuver, the Heimlich Heroes program is designed to teach children seven years of age and up this important life saving technique.
Determining that she had a piece of hard candy lodged in her throat, Officer Golden used the Heimlich maneuver three times on his daughter.
It's important to be familiar with CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), the Heimlich maneuver, and Automated External Defibrillators so if an emergency arises, you can be prepared.
Heimlich therefore recommends careful study of the various means of administering the Heimlich maneuver and imprinting them in our minds before being called upon to carry out the procedure.
for Life, a new organization formed to promote infant and child CPR and The Heimlich Maneuver education for first-time parents.
One of my friends, Margaret Benoit, stepped in without hesitation to perform the Heimlich maneuver and courageously saved this woman's life.
It turns out that for at least five years, the Heimlich maneuver has been just the second part of the method the American Red Cross, and some other lifesaving organizations, want us all to use in trying to save each other from choking to death.
Henry Heimlich, originator of the life-saving Heimlich maneuver.
He kept his arms tightly around Matt, and continued to administer the Heimlich maneuver until Matt spit out the cherry pit that had lodged in his throat.
The young man is also a member of the ROTC, where he learned to perform the Heimlich maneuver.