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Fearing, however, to make use of any valuable piece of paper, I hesitated for a moment, then recollected that I had seen in the famous breviary, which was on the table beside me, an old paper quite yellow with age, and which had served as a marker for centuries, kept there by the request of the heirs.
The last Count of Spada, moreover, made me his heir, bequeathing to me this symbolic breviary, he bequeathed to me all it contained; no, no, make your mind satisfied on that point.
Instead of pushing his fortune in the line marked out for the heir of the house of Elliot, he had purchased independence by uniting himself to a rich woman of inferior birth.
This very awkward history of Mr Elliot was still, after an interval of several years, felt with anger by Elizabeth, who had liked the man for himself, and still more for being her father's heir, and whose strong family pride could see only in him a proper match for Sir Walter Elliot's eldest daughter.
She put the heir of the house in her own child's unpainted pine cradle, and said, contemplating its slumbering form uneasily:
As she progressed with her practice, she was surprised to see how steadily and surely the awe which had kept her tongue reverent and her manner humble toward her young master was transferring itself to her speech and manner toward the usurper, and how similarly handy she was becoming in transferring her motherly curtness of speech and peremptoriness of manner to the unlucky heir of the ancient house of Driscoll.
Political Agent Captain (Retd) Khalid Mehmood distributed Rs5 million each among the heirs of the martyred Levies personnel, Rs3 million each among the heirs of martyred Khassadar personnel and Rs150,000 each among personnel who sustained injuries during different acts of terrorism,reported private news channel.
The Attorney Generals Office appoints county public administrators, who primarily serve as representatives for estates in which a deceased person has no known heirs.
He extended sympathies to the heirs of the persons killed in the accident.
If there is no will, then the probate court during the intestate estate proceedings will identify the heirs and distribute the property to them again after all the debts and taxes have been paid.
The heirs of dceased employees were given jobs in various KMC departments including Parks and Horticulture, CSR, Katchi Abadies, Estate, Finance and Accounts, Engineering, Land, Law, Fire Brigade and MPH.
In order to know the emergence moment of the seizin, it is necessary to distinguish between heirs who legally possess the seizin of inheritance and the other heirs who do not have seizin, the latter having to request the vesting order through the release of the certificate of possession (Lazar, 2011: 101-102).