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6) However, nearly all of the Zeus/Aias interactions have one thing in common--the presence of Hektor.
The fight between Aias and Hektor is literally called on account of darkness.
Die pragtige, groot stuk lewe wat Hektor se dood voorafgaan op Achilles se skild, is een van die wonderlikste brokke ironie wat die Westerse literatuur opgelewer het.
But when Troy perished, and Hektor perished, and my father's hearth was razed to the ground and my father himself slaughtered at the gods' altar by Achilles' bloodyminded son, then Polymestor cut me down to get the gold--that guestfriend of my father--tossed me in the sea and kept the gold for himself.
In part 2, "Economic Landscapes," Scott explores the regional economic landscapes of early modern Germany by prominently engaging the work of Walter Christaller and Hektor Ammann.
He's something of a limp-wristed Don Juan, unable to fight without the help of his big brother Hektor.
NEW LIFE IN FIFE: Pars striker Gunnlaugsson, wife Asdis and five-month-old son Hektor settle in to Scotland' LOOKS GOOD: Gunnlaugsson training yesterday
Ilir Vorfi, 21, of West London, handed her over to Fatlum Pirani, 20, and Hektor Cinare, 27, Cambridge crown court heard.
Christopher, who lives in Athens, has a five-month-old named Hektor.
The Triwizard Tournament, which appears in Rowling's fourth book only, is reimagined here as Pupak Kupa [Kiddies' Cup/Pup Cup], (59) featuring Hektor Rum (a black African from Vulgaria) as a counterpart to Viktor Krum, and Flug Blecourt instead of Fleur Delacour.
Compare Sarpedon's words with the address of Tydeus by Hektor.
Answers: Celes - 3, Ida - 2, Hektor - 4, Gaspra - 1.