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Just that time Akhalious behaved badly with Hektor.
82), word die bewering egter weerspreek en geironiseer deur sy ktmswerk wat, menslik gesproke, onsterflikheid verkry het, terwyl die atleet kort na sy stryd teen Hektor deur Paris in sy weerlose hakskeen getref en verslaan is.
The scene in which Hektor turns and runs from Achilleus is a completely unexpected turn in an epic in which foreshadowing is a common literary device.
So they swarmed over the dead man, nor did Zeus ever turn the glaring of his eyes from the strong encounter, but kept gazing forever upon them, in spirit reflective, and pondered hard over many ways for the death of Patroklos; whether this was now the time, in this strong encounter when there over godlike Sarpedon glorious Hektor should kill him with the bronze, and strip the armour away from his shoulders, or whether to increase the steep work of fighting for more men.
The fight between Aias and Hektor is literally called on account of darkness.
Hektor Preza of Gibertini thinks it will be especially useful to sparkling wine producers.
Here Hektor is not described with his usual epithet korythaiolos (traditionally translated as "of the flashing helmet"), and--that seems to be the argument of B.
Schliemann's unearthing of a treasure worthy of the city's "secret wealth" Hektor mentions in the Iliad (22.
In boek XVIII van die Ilias beskryf Homerus hoe die kunstenaar Hephaistos 'n skild maak vir Achilles as deel van die wapenrusting waarmee laasgenoemde Hektor gaan aandurf in die Trojaanse oorlog.
Albanian Hektor Mahmutaj is currently fighting extradition proceedings after he was convicted in his absence by an Albanian court of the murder of a shepherd.
It takes the reader back into the glories and tragedies of Bronze Age Greece, reuniting the characters from Lord of the Silver Bow' the dread Helikaon and his great love, the fiery Andromache, the mighty Hektor and the fabled storyteller, Odysseus.