held back

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It's created a downward spiral that is bad for the people being held back and bad for the economy.
I understand there may be issues with some landlords but in the government's wisdom they decided that, rather than paying the landlord direct, the tenant would receive payment on the understanding if any repairs were not carried out in suitable time period, then the rent payment could be held back.
The Department of Health is asking for views on whether doctors are being held back from using pioneering treatments because of the fear of being sued if something goes wrong.
com)-- The No Child Held Back Consortium announces the first, No Child Held Back Education Innovation Grant has been awarded to the Williston School District in Williston, North Dakota.
LIVERPOOL skipper Steven Gerrard had to be held back after a crazed fan burst into a training session and made shocking threats against his family.
More than a quarter of a million extra jobs could be created if Britain's financial services sector is allowed to flourish and is not held back by over-regulation, a report says.
Summary: The Bank of England held back from taking further action despite signs that recovery is stalling.
Another issue that the students raised is the holding back of certificates whereby their academic reports are held back by VTC which hinders them from looking for jobs.
Numerous shipments were being held back as a result of US Fish and Wildlife seizing shipments where the CITES export permit did not have a year of export quota number.
The demonstrators held back the engine of Allama Iqbal Express at Loco-shed Lahore.
FIRMS are being held back because of a lack of skills among their own staff and in the wider workforce, company directors have warned.
Firefighters are held back continually by their management and the brigade union who use health and safety rules to stop firefighters taking risks to save people.