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In relation to the opinion of a court, decided.

The holding in a particular case is the ultimate decision of a court of a Justiciable controversy.


v. decided or ruled, as "the court held that the contract was valid."

(See: decision, ruling, judgment)

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van Helden); South African National Parks, Skukuza, South Africa (P.
The whole floral design team and I wish Princess Eugenie and Jack our heartfelt congratulations and we hope they have a magical wedding day," Helden said.
Foliage and flowering branches, sourced locally from Windsor Great Park, combined with roses, spray roses, hydrangeas, dahlias and berries were used by Mr Van Helden to achieve the seasonal effect.
"George is a remarkable leader who embodies the spirit of the Stater Bros, 'family,'" Van Helden said.
The works of Helden and Jonson and Lotass address, as we will see, both the workings of TAM as outlined by Kittler and the temporal specificities of the machine focused in the analysis of Ernst.
With two UK No1 hits to his credit you'd expect German producer and DJ Robin Schulz to be a household name like his peers Tiesto, Todd Terry and Armand Van Helden. Not so, though his remixing duties on tracks such as Waves and Prayer In C have probably earned him that right.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 30, 2013-Roadrunner promotes Brian van Helden as COO
Top US DJ Armin Van Helden has joined the line-up for the Atelier New Year's Eve concert headlined by rapper Snoop Dogg, organisers Alchemy Project announced on Wednesday.
Specialists like expert planner Vandana Mohan, stylist and make- up by Vipul Bhagat, floral Couture artist Rob Van Helden, luxury expert Dinaz Madhukar, entertainment solutions by Aditya Motwane, photography professional Joseph Radhik and Badal Jain specialist videographer, will be available to interact with and guide to be wed couples and their families.
With contributions from the likes of club scene big-hitters David Guetta, Armand van Helden, Paul Oakenfold and Pete Tong, actor and international DJ Idris Elba, pictured, takes a look at how clubbing has touched just about everybody in some way; from holidays in Ibiza, Labour's 1992 use of D:Ream's Things Can Only Get Better, and the 2012 Olympic opening ceremony.
Roadrunnera[euro](tm)s Truckload & Logistics president Brian van Helden said that D&E brought complementary capabilities to the platform.