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But Ms Fitzgerald, dressed in sombre black and looking quietly frantic, does it perfectly slowing down the dialogue to a quiet, but intractable insistence on her rights as a woman, a terrific scene shared here with equal strength by Tom Goodman-Hill's pompous, imperceptive Torvald Helmer, although Mr Goodman-Hill with his golden hair does give the impression of an aggravating 20-year-old, who must have married Nora at 14.
Now 57 years old, in his career, Chan has been producer, thesp, helmer, comedian, choreographer, scribe, warbler and stunt performer.
LIVERPOOL boss Gerard Houllier is having talks with Bayern Munich veteran Thomas Helmer about joining the Anfield club on a shock free transfer.
Dutch music-biz shutterbug and occasional helmer Anton Corbijn ("Control," "The American") is asked to lie down on the cinematic equivalent of a shrink's couch in Low Countries docu "Anton Corbijn: Inside Out.
7 with the world premiere of "Mission: Impossible--Ghost Protocol" with star Tom Cruise and helmer Brad Bird on the red carpet.