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This raiding included an attack on the city of Methone in the helot homeland of Messenia, a strike into an area where the Spartans felt particularly vulnerable.
The rest of Three's first issue concerns an ephor and his son Arimnestos imposing themselves on the hospitality of a group of helots at a farm (including our three heroes, Klaros, Damar and Terpander).
These three categories, citizens, denizens and helots, serve to illustrate how the denial of citizenship to major groups weakens migrants as actors, especially helots, who are normally illegal migrants who are denied any entitlement to rights.
To places along the coast (for there the Salaminia would be able to pick them up like Alkibiades); (10) to Lepreon in Elis (where the Spartans had just settled a colony of Helots fighting under Brasidas) (Dunbar 1995:182); to Opous in Lokris (for the population there was so anti-Athenian that a military garrison had to be stationed there).
There are helots and commanders; there is living boredom and
There are also studies of the Helots, slaves' role in the economy, the supply of slaves, resistance by slaves, archaeological evidence and slavery in the far wider Hellenistic world.
Neither Israelis nor Americans would be satisfied living under endless occupation, modern helots for powerful rulers next door.
And what they are trying to do is calculate what the absolute minimum might be that the Palestinians can accept to label a state while leaving the largest part of the pie to the Israelis, together with absolute control over a client nation of helots that they can then abuse at will.
This becomes very clear if one considers the neo-Apartheid regimes in Arabian peninsula, whose economies are sustained by (mainly--though not exclusively--) Muslim helots.
For example, images of the squalor the enslaved Helots endure are abundant in the text and the reader is continually called upon to reflect on the Helots' oppression and poverty: "Infine un villaggio di Iloti, capanne farte di sterco, odore di miseria, quaiche guaito di cane, ma lento, sfatto, qui anche i cani paiono sforzarsi per vivere"(23).
Similarly, were the Spartan helots fighting for individual liberty or national liberation?