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At Sphacteria, an island off the coast of Pylos, the Athenians had also managed to cut off 420 Spartan hoplites, who could be supplied only by Helots swimming from the shore to the island.
In particular, the relationship of instructors and trainees is something like the relationship between Spartans and Helots.
The last class of the fallen were Greeks but unfree: Sparta's serfs or Helots, who died alongside their masters.
helots (O helot); svolgh (O, Middle Swedish antecedent of swallow)
not because he'd fired of traffic congestion or ill-behaving drunken helots, but because, as a Christian, he couldn't abide the thought of celebrated athletes parading in the buff and offering sacrifices to pagan gods.
Six decades before Francis Fukuyama reluctantly intimated that maybe the helots down on the plantation do not yet actually want unfettered laissez-faire, Mussolini boldly described laissez-faire as an unrevivable corpse.
The big anti-war marches in London, Glasgow and elsewhere reassure me that more and more people see the true agenda of the Iraq war, ie furthering the future US world empire, with Britain acting as Greek helots to America's Rome.
breed, and cultivate, helots raised from the dust, blond
Sparta was moderate because she had grave troubles with her Helots.
There are, of course, reasonably sane Mellons and Rockefellers, du Ponts and Pews, whose families own most of corporate America and hire often bright and always obedient lower-class persons--or even foreign helots, like Kissinger--to work for them, often directly, in the family cartel, or indirectly, by placing them in the Congress, on the judicial bench, or in the White House.
61) Newman understands Aristotle to be implicitly criticizing practices such as the Spartans who kept Greeks as helots and slaves.