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The number of infected helper T cells in the bloodstream declined precipitously, to undetectable levels.
Through the chemicals they secrete, helper T cells guide the actions of the immune system.
The LIAI team found that certain T cells (CD8 killer cells) in the body can make an immediate response to invading pathogens, but it takes a second type of T cell, called a CD4 helper T cell, to create memory cells.
And by doing so, he suggests, the drug halts genetic activity in the helper T cells, the orchestrators of the immune system.
Clenoliximab targets the CD4 receptor on helper T cells, which are purported to play a key role in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis.
Stopping the helper T cells may leave a person open to infections or possibly cancer, he says.
Helper T Cells are activated by binding to an HTL specific epitope presented by cells in a similar fashion as CTL epitopes are presented.
These CD40 ligand molecules, which are normally transiently expressed, serve as communications links between helper T cells and B cells.
Helper T cells were activated and expanded in vitro for up to 12 days.