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The efficacy of REMUNE administered in combination with antiviral drugs will be assessed by comparing the time to increases in viral load or decrease in CD4 helper T cell counts between patient groups that received ART plus REMUNE or ART plus placebo.
Vaccines aimed to re-activate helper T cell responses to the relevant proteins should be considered.
Our team also showed that these transformed helper T cells represent a separate and distinct population of cells.
Lymph nodes that were invaded by tumor cells showed dramatic decreases in helper T cells and dendritic cells.
In cancer patients, helper T cells also are affected.
Although the basic cause of rheumatoid arthritis remains unclear, immune cells known as CD4 helper T cells seem to carry some blame.
His own work indicates that exposure to lead and various other heavy metals can upset the balance between two classes of the immune system's helper T cells in favor of cells less able to ward off certain viral infections.
HIV's favorite hosts are white blood cells called helper T cells in which the virus docks with molecules on those cells called CD4 and CCR5.
Poorer marital quality was related to higher viral antibody levels, and lower ratios of helper T cells to suppressor cells--another measure of immune suppression.