statutory instrument

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statutory instrument (SI)

a form of SUBORDINATE LEGISLATION. They are cited by the year they are passed and by their number in the year. Non-publication is a defence. They are often accompanied by a useful but unofficial explanatory note.
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If passed, the move would stop ministers being able to use so-called Henry VIII powers to take Britain out of the single market and customs union.
The so-called Henry VIII powers have been dropped in favour of a special "sifting committee" to scrutinise any proposed changes.
The Henry VIII powers would not just apply to the present government but also future governments.
I DOUBT Philip May loses sleep over the Henry VIII powers that his wife Theresa wants to seize for herself.
The Speaker said "nothing is too toxic" for Parliament to debate and acknowledged that MPs were concerned about the issues of citizens' rights, "economic arrangements" and the use of so-called Henry VIII powers to allow ministers to amend laws without full scrutiny.
He believed rights for workers to speak Welsh in the workplace could be delivered if the Assembly was given power by Westminster to amend the present Act by order, so-called Henry VIII powers.
As its government takes Britain into the past, adopting for itself Henry VIII powers and undoing the historic right to silence, it is meeting the voice of Tom Paine.
It came as the PM backed down over plans to use so-called Henry VIII powers to push through Brexit legislation changes.
Which is why Theresa May's to exercise Henry VIII powers, to turn herself into a near absolute Theresa I and bypass Parliament, is a frightening assault on our democracy.