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After listening to band after band at T in the Park, Herculean deserve to be there and would be a good addition.
Councillor Sheelagh Clarke, Cabinet member for health and social wellbeing, told colleagues: "There have been Herculean efforts by the staff to address the issues highlighted by the Care Quality Commission.
For Woodfield Park to overcome their current 25-point deficit, in spite of having two games in hand, would take a Herculean effort.
Murray's Herculean effort on Friday should be a reminder that whether he wins a Slam or not, he is simply a world-class sportsman of whom the British should be proud.
bar] GOLF: Tegwen Matthews was in upbeat mood last night despite her Great Britain and Ireland team facing a herculean task yesterday to regain the Vagliano Trophy from the Continent of Europe on the second and final day of the biennial clash at Royal Porthcawl.
To perform this Herculean task general public, political parties and philanthropists should step forward to draw the country out of this crisis, he added.
Shane Kelly left himself just one winner short of his seasonal half-century on turf when giving Herculean a masterly ride to lift the joint-feature race on the card in the colours of Highclere Thoroughbred Racing.
I'm a Herculean fan of ginger: I lust after ginger candy, I love ginger tea and I'm rather partial to ginger-laced Asian fare.
Throughout their motion appellants engage in herculean efforts to make what is essentially a sufficiency of the evidence appeal - and a weak one at that - appear to be something else.
A tremendous mid-set triumvirate of Kingdom of Doom, Herculean and Bunting Song, were magnificent, while the song which bears their name and that of their album closed the one-hour set and was easily the pick of the night.
The inevitable result must be cynicism on the part of educators who know, but are afraid to say publicly, that they cannot, even with Herculean classroom efforts, truly raise the average achievement of disadvantaged children to typical middle-class levels.
So, too, sportswriters and fans around the globe spent much of the past summer wringing their hands and hearts over yet another load of professional sports' dirty laundry--expressing shock and dismay that one more crop of Herculean demigods has shown itself to have feet of clay--or mud.