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Moench) germplasm from Ethiopia assessed by random amplified polymorphic DNA (RAPD) Hereditas 132: 249-254.
11% in Finland-based equity funds manager Fondbolaget Fondita Ab from Livranteanstalten Hereditas, without providing financial details.
Bure Equity AB (STO:BURE), an investment company with ownership interests in Nordic companies, announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with Livranteanstalten Hereditas to acquire 20.
En conclusion, l'auteur indique que certaines dispositions de l' edictum provinciale, et notamment celles concernant la notion d' hereditas restitua ou le mode et les limites de la restitutio dans la rei vindicatio, ont pu faire l'objet de modifications.
Agrego que Medina Sonda tambien es propietario de las empresas Hereditas Consultores Patrimoniales, Consultores Jundicos y Fiscales de Mexico, S.
Post-reductional meiosis in Aeshna (Aeshnidae, Odonata) Hereditas 122: 47-55
They also share the damnosa hereditas of insanity in the family.
At home and abroad the hallowed institution of church-state unity and the concordat was weakening where it had not been dissolved, and with it the structural underpinning of establishment Christendom, called a damnosa hereditas.
The stated purpose of the book is to trace the interaction of religion and nationalism in moulding political attitudes in Ireland from penal times--the "long century" following the Treaty of Limerick in 1691 to Catholic Emancipation in 1829 during which the majority Catholic population was maintained as an oppressed underclass--down to the present decade in which, as some would see it, "the final installment of the hereditas damnosa bequeathed by the penal era, is being paid out in the form of the Northern Ireland "troubles.
Ainsi comprise, la disposition va a l'encontre de la devolution agnatique habituelle de la tombe familiale, en ouvrant l'acces aux titulaires de l' hereditas.
The buyers were the Swedish annuity insurance institute Livranteanstalten Hereditas and the Finnish company Oy Hammaren & Co Ab.
Chromosome analisis using different staining techniques and fluorescent in situ hybridization in Cerithium vulgatum (Gastropoda: Cerithiidae) Hereditas 137:101-106