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HERMAPHRODITES. Persons who have in the sexual organs the appearance of both sexes. They are adjudged to belong to that which prevails in them. Co. Litt. 2, 7; Domat, Lois Civ. liv. 1, t. 2, s. 1, n.. 9.
     2. The sexual characteristics in the human species are widely separated, and the two sexes are never, perhaps, united in the same individual. 2 Dunglison's Hum. Physiol. 304; 1 Beck's Med. Jur. 94 to 110.
     3. Dr. William Harris, in a lecture delivered to the Philadelphia Medical Institute, gives an interesting account of a supposed hermaphrodite who came under his own observation in Chester county, Pennsylvania. The individual was called Elizabeth, and till the age of eighteen, wore the female dress, when she threw it off, and assumed the name of Rees, with the dress and habits of a man; at twenty-five, she married a woman, but had no children. Her clitoris was five or six inches long, and in coition, which she greatly enjoyed, she used this instead of the male organ. She lived till she was sixty years of age, and died in possession of a large estate, which she had acquired by her industry and enterprise. Medical Examiner, vol. ii. p, 314. Vide 1 Briand, M‚d. L‚g. c. 2, art. 2, Sec. 2, n. 2; Dict. des Sciences M‚d. art. Hypospadias, et art. Impuissance; Guy, Med. Jur. 42, 47.

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In the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans, sex determination is a direct function of X-chromosome dosage, with XX being hermaphrodites if the ratio of X-chromosomes to autosomes (A) is balanced (2X/2A = 1), and X0 being male (Hodgkin 2002).
The effect of body size on role selection is well documented in simultaneous hermaphrodites (see table 2 in Chaine and Angeloni, 2005; Dillen et al, 2008, 2010; Nakadera et al.
True hermaphrodite or ovo-testicular disorder of sexual differentiation (OVO-DSD) is the rarest variety2.
Differences between the anthesis time and flower lifespan were evaluated in male and hermaphrodite buds, at pre-anthesis, which were marked at random (n = 20) and observed from 04:30 a.
Allometry was closer to isometry in hermaphrodite individuals, while negative allometry was found in both sexes and total populations.
The ferocious aggression showed up when researchers paired males from various competitive species with partners from any of three self-fertilizing hermaphrodite species, including C.
For Marie Delcourt and Mircea Eliade, the hermaphrodite is a "myth" forming part of our "universal" imagination that bears almost no relation to living hermaphrodites.
Parfois il est admis que l'hermaphrodite a dominance masculine puisse etre ordonne pretre, ce qui exclut l'ambivalent pur, considere comme une femme ou encore les hermaphrodites feminins.
A hermaphrodite has the physical presence of both male and female genitalia, or for whom such organs are not differentiated.
Individuals possessing both ovarian and testicular tissue (either as one ovary and one testis, or as what is called an ovotestis) were considered true hermaphrodites.
Romance of Romance" is a dark comedy following Syns as she labors in a mental institution filled with unstable hermaphrodites and other unruly characters.