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Since July 18, 2005, Guidant has identified a second population of 54,000 devices manufactured between October 19, 1998 and December 5, 2000 that are at risk of hermetic seal degradation, though at a much lower rate than the advisory population.
Both technologies provide strong, repeatable structural bonds and hermetic seals.
Hydra Sealer line of hot-plate welding equipment for plastic parts provides high-strength, hermetic seals, high production rates and ability to weld unusual part designs.
The focus of the selection has been on lowering the curing temperature and providing an excellent hermetic seal.
A vacuum-assisted plate provides a hermetic seal between the printing plate and cup so no solvent can evaporate.
In addition, a rubber gasket ensures a solid hermetic seal, protecting content quality and extending shelf life.
It allows you to achieve a very strong bond with a hermetic seal," he adds.
The HC2440 provides a hermetic seal, eliminating liability issues associated with metal clips in foodservice or consumer kitchens.
Compak noncontact induction cap sealer system establishes a magnetic field that heats foil in a cap liner and creates a hermetic seal.
For an image of a Douglas Electrical Components back potted epoxy hermetic seal, click here: http://www.
It describes how Hymite's silicon packaging offers superior thermal properties for LEDs compared to ceramic packaging, and how the company's wafer level production provides a hermetic seal for contaminant-susceptible MEMS and RF designs.