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The finger assembly is soldered to the rear of the instrument to keep the hermetic seal intact.
With the Project 70 stainless, Hermetic Seal was able to machine its headers at the rate of 455 parts per hour on a five-spindle Davenport automatic screw machine, with a cycle time of 7.
Specially designed flex circuits with densities as high as 100 conductors per inch can also be offered in hermetic seals.
A hermetic seal against ingress of liquids and dust to 1P67.
com)-- Connector distributor BTC Electronic Components (BTC - Wake Forest, NC) announced that it's offering new lightweight aluminum hybrid hermetic connectors from Hermetic Seal Corporation (HSC).
To begin the testing, a septum is applied to the package via a pressure-sensitive adhesive to create a hermetic seal.
Overmolded cuffs are injection molded over the hose to ensure system integrity, prevent contamination, and create a hermetic seal for optimum air, liquid, or dust flow.
Electrical connection is made through a hermetic seal within the enclosure that protects the internal mechanism from moisture and heat damage over an extended period of time.
Induction cap-sealing systems establish an electromagnetic field that heats foil in a cap liner to create a hermetic seal.
Aside from heightening the appearance of the product, overwrapping provides a hermetic seal that maintains the aromas within the package, presents a smooth finish, and prevents the movement of any tea dust.
The spinnerette provides more uniformity across the web and features a hermetic seal, allowing Biax to rebuild and individually replace damaged and plugged nozzles.