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The HETEROCLITE brand develops a wide range of women's ready-to-wear: skirts, overalls, jackets, blouses, coats, trousers etc.
Seuls, deux des six groupes se distinguent: le personnel non syndique, groupe heteroclite comptant des cadres, et les briseurs de greve etant massivement des Canadiens francais (ils sont 22 sur 29 a la Lake Shore), ce qui confirme le portrait ethnique qu'en faisait l'historiographie (91).
Par contre la collection inaugurale de Mame, la Bibliotheque de la Jeunesse Chretienne (BJC), creee en 1836 et tres heteroclite (y voisinent religion, histoire, recits, sciences .
The characters are similarly heteroclite, inconsistent, save for a few disquieting silhouettes straight out of Melmoth.
With a style at times almost as relaxed as the preceding sentence, Dufour has reworked for Droz his 2002 biographical sketch, which first appeared among a heteroclite vitae collection of other, lesser-known figures, in volume 42.
The tailor shows himself to be both a skillful creator and persuasive salesman; in this and other ways, he, more than any of the other artists, I would maintain, is a close proxy for Moliere, an artist who often found himself in the position of stitching works together to the order of a demanding, heteroclite clientele, simultaneously shaping works and forming his audience.
Il y a dans ces classifications, une enumeration heteroclite qui peut s'expliquer par la methode descriptive souvent utilisee en anthropologie et en ethnologie" (Monsard 1990: 57).
13) Though it also has a psychological and anthropological meaning, a syncretism is to be understood here in its philosophical sense: an unorthodox construction of heteroclite theoretical elements or fragments.
Equally interesting are depictions of the raw evidence from which reconstructions are made, such as the heteroclite juxtaposition of palaeontological, archaeological, ethnographic and mineralogical collectibles in the 76th menu (FIGURE F, p.
tous les membres ont cherche le centre de gravite commun qui covenait le mieux a ce systeme heteroclite.
These arbitrary groups, these absolutely theoretical collections of people eaten away by lassitude and boredom, exactly as we know them to be, as the irrefutable, accusing image of our heteroclite, dissident, discordant societies.