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Presente comme un lieu-monde, une antichambre pour les personnes revant de partir aux Etats-Unis, Cuba est un espace a la fois heteroclite et vivant (par opposition a la mortifere Amerique du Nord entrapercue en ouverture).
Les lettres representent un contenu heteroclite dedie aux voyages (nombreux) de Quinet, de Dumesnil et de leurs amis proches (dont l'historien lules Michelet)--donc des lettres sur les loisirs--, niais aussi des nouvelles de la sante et une majorite de lettres relatives aux affaires (publication, impression ou reimpression d'ouvrages, d'articles, publicites, etc.).
Par consequent, les grands centres urbains doivent composer avec une population tres heteroclite : du plus riche au plus pauvre, du plus fonctionnel au plus mesadapte, de l'universitaire a l'analphabete, sans oublier ceux qui se trouvent entre ces extremes.
Leo Spitzer used the term "chaotic enumerations" (in an essay published in Buenos Aires in 1945, the year of publication of the story) for lists that give a bewildering sense of a whole; Sylvia Molloy prefers the term "heteroclite" to "chaotic," and for good reason: the radical otherness of this list constitutes a kind of order.
Moreover, the colorful and heteroclite cast of noteworthy emigrants includes two distinguished anarchists: Severino di Giovanni (1901-1994) and Ezio Taddei (1895-1956); a restaurateur and esteemed benefactor by the name of Luigino Milone (1886-1964); the schoolmaster Angelo Patri (1876-1965); and the heroic Daniel Nigro (1948-), captain of the New York city firefighters on 9/11.
In three separate petitions, signed by more than 1,000 people, the heteroclite coalition also demanded greater transparency over state spending and curbs on the dominant role of the Al Saud family in politics.
The existence of numerous wine cellars, owing to the fact that Bucharest represented an important wine-growing center (91), these cellars, became, in the twentieth century, a deserted space, bearing various "signs," intriguing as "heteroclite fragments, dampness tokens, scattered images, mysterious slits that can be understood only by the initiated ones" (19, 228).
One limitation of the collection, in my mind, is that there aren't enough of these kinds of attempts to push Berger's readings of Renaissance literature (and the conclusions he draws from them) against texts outside his own (admittedly heteroclite) canon.
Attending Who's Next, which will be held next October 11th to 13th in Dubai, the HETEROCLITE brand will exhibit a summer 2010 collection that shuffles colours, patterns and fabrics.
Par contre la collection inaugurale de Mame, la Bibliotheque de la Jeunesse Chretienne (BJC), creee en 1836 et tres heteroclite (y voisinent religion, histoire, recits, sciences ...
The characters are similarly heteroclite, inconsistent, save for a few disquieting silhouettes straight out of Melmoth.
With a style at times almost as relaxed as the preceding sentence, Dufour has reworked for Droz his 2002 biographical sketch, which first appeared among a heteroclite vitae collection of other, lesser-known figures, in volume 42.2 of the Academie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres' Histoire litteraire de la France series.