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It is of note the statement/definition by Makela that heteroclitic antibody could not be produced by metabolites of immunogens, but it could be by stimulation by chance of pre-existing heterogeneous antibody forming cells during immunization.
However, this opening is not in the direction of complication nor of the accumulation of heteroclitic references.
But this book has been included in the publisher's biographical and heteroclitic series ('Humor in Life and Letters Series') and after reading the first pages, it is quite clear that none of above two alternatives have been chosen by the author.
For Djebar, time is above all a "force," an intensive force essentially made up of heteroclitic events and instants not yet gathered together in a final synthesis or in a teleological concept of the Future.
These heteroclitic and incongruous objects, there visions of childhood with no apparent connection, evince a diffuse malaise that contrasts with the care and precision of their technical realization.
His contact with members of the Beat generation during his stay at the Chelsea hotel in 1962, and with hippie ideology from his numerous stays in California between '63 and '68 might explain why Raysse followed a route typical of the period: a questioning of his own work--the fabrication of "things," little symbolic and ritual heteroclitic objects, as in the series "Coco Mato," 1971-73, from the Italian name for the hallucinogenic mushroom Amanita muscaria.