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One of reviewers on the paper mentioned above, has given me a suggestion that anti-poly(ADP-ribose) antibody might be induced by the "heteroclitic" reaction due to the in vivo presence of double-stranded RNA.
The reader's expectations have been primed so that she or he can begin to understand what would have otherwise been read as a heteroclitic mass of writings with no central theme.
Foucault points to the Borgesian cataloguing practices as fundamentally heteroclitic. Borges' Chinese encyclopedia breaks up ordered surfaces (xv).
It is but one erroneous path among many in a novelistic universe that aspires to the sort of "neutrality" that Benitez-Rojo has identified with that great manifesto of "transculturation," Fernando Ortiz's Contrapunteo cubano del tabaco y el azucar (1940): "a heteroclitic summa of ideologies, that is, a deideologized ideology" (156).
However, this opening is not in the direction of complication nor of the accumulation of heteroclitic references.
Xv[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]ng 'sun' is the n-stem genitive of a heteroclitic nominative in -r < PIE *-l.
But this book has been included in the publisher's biographical and heteroclitic series ('Humor in Life and Letters Series') and after reading the first pages, it is quite clear that none of above two alternatives have been chosen by the author.