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As noted in the foregoing discussion, the holotype of Heterodon nasicus credited to Churchill has been associated with the indefinite localities of Texas, Rio Grande, and Valley of the Rio Grande.
Schmidt (1953:179) noted the type locality of Heterodon nasicus as "Texas; restr.
The indefinite Texas or Rio Grande type locality of Heterodon nasicus credited to Gen.
Other species of reptiles (USNM) credited to Churchill and the same circumstances of collection as the holotype of Heterodon nasicus are listed below (no such amphibian species listed in Yarrow 1883 or Cope 1889).
As an adjunct to Eckerman's revisionary work (1996) and his recognition of Heterodon nasicus nasicus in the Eagle Pass/Rio Grande area, which is near populations of H.
Baird (1859a:14) recorded "Eagle Pass, Texas" for a specimen of Heterodon nasicus illustrated on Plate XXVIII, Fig.
In addition to the illustrations in Baird (1859a) noted above, the neotype of Heterodon nasicus (USNM 1249) is a female, in good condition with a body and tail length of about 572+87 mm, 142 ventrals and 36 subcaudals.