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1) Heterogeneous mixture learning technologies, developed at NEC's Central Research Laboratories, are technologies that automatically detect massive patterns hidden in big data, discover useful patterns, and automatically switch reference rules according to the analyzed data.
This technique enables a relative easy separation of the heterogeneous mixture by the pure filtration after finishing the reaction.
In the aforementioned process, after the coupling step the heterogeneous mixture is separated using hydrophobic-interaction chromatography (HIC), further improving the quality of the tandem dye.
Tel Aviv, Israel, announced it has identified the optimal gestational "window" to procure and dissect embryonic tissue in pigs to differentiate between teratoma (tumor which is made up of a heterogeneous mixture of tissues, as of bone, cartilage and muscle) producing tissue as opposed to precursor tissue which leads to heart, liver and pancreas development without teratoma.
There, water becomes a heterogeneous mixture of liquid and vapor.
Acquired carbapenemases, on the other hand, are a heterogeneous mixture of enzymes that belong to Ambler class A, B, or D enzymes and may be plasmid or chromosomally encoded (1,2).
Part 1 can be considered as a rather heterogeneous mixture of articles summarized under the heading "Expanding the Focus of Risk Management": in the first paper Harper/Keller/Pfeil point out the question, whether certain measures of regulation of the financial system increase the risk of global financial markets.
A heterogeneous mixture of prose, poetry, drama, commentary and critical articles, this trilingual collection in English, French and Italian provides a forum for exchange between the producers of Italian-Canadiana and its critics.

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