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Apart from this, Matsushita said it will embark on a project to develop technology for recording Digital Hi-Vision images to SD memory cards.
New analysis from Frost & Sullivan,Super Hi-Vision - Impact in Key Applications, finds that Super Hi-Vision, also known as 8K has a resolution of 7680 x 4320 pixels which is twice as much as that of 4K and 16 times that of HD.
Super Hi-Vision is an 8K television system, featuring 16 times the resolution of today's HD, together with a much higher frame rate of 120 progressive images a second.
In May 2011, Sharp and NHK jointly developed the world's first(3) direct-view 85-inch LCD compatible with 8K Super Hi-Vision broadcast.
NHK continued the strategy when promoting Hi-Vision, which, as it turned out, failed spectacularly to catch on among consumers during the past decade.
It will also produce exclusive products, including Hoyalux iD freeform progressive lenses, the AR coating Hi-Vision LongLife and Eyvia 1.
Hi-Vision Systems started as a family firm installing TV aerials in the 1970s and, today, majors in helping viewers prepare for the big switch to digital - due for completion by 2011.
This doesn't include the hundreds of millions NHK has poured into developing its high definition formats, Hi-Vision and Super Hi-Vision, over the last 40 years.
The BD-HD 100, to be priced at about 320,000 yen, features a built-in hard drive capable of recording 160 gigabytes of data, or approximately 19 hours of digital Hi-Vision broadcasts.
That's 120 minutes of digital hi-vision recording, folks, or three times that (360 minutes, or 6 hours' worth, for the mathematically challenged) and up to 12 hours of recording in Long Play mode.