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of cases (total 40) Idiopathic neonatal hepatits 20 CMV hepatitis 06 PFIC 03 PILBD 03 Choledochal cyst 02 Galactosemia 02 Tyrosinemia 02 Sepsis 02 Table 3: Triangular cord sign in BA and non BA group Biliary Atresia Non biliary atresia Triangular cord sign group (n=25) group (n=40) TC sign >4mm 20 01 TC sign <4mm 05 39 Table 4: HIDA scan in BA and non BA group Biliary atresia Non biliary atresia HIDA Scan group (n=25) group (n=40) Non-excretory (positive) 25 16 Excretory (negative) 0 24 Table 5: correlation of fibrosis score with TC sign Fibrosis score TC sign >4 mm TC sign <4mm Fibrosis score >3 18 01 Fibrosis score <3 02 04
Hida said the proposed standards take a different approach to regulation than insurers are accustomed to.
Craftsmen within the Hida region are legendary, with their craft being passed down through the generations for over a thousand years.
With: Yasuyo Tanaka, Chiemi Oka, Sakue Shimoshira, Kasuji Yoshida, Satoru Fukahori, Etsuko Nagano, Senji Yamaguchi, Sumiteru Taniguchi, Kiyoko Imori, Shigeko Sasamori, Keiji Nakazawa, Sunao Tsuoboi, Shuntaro Hida, Panyeon Kim, Morris Jepson, Theodore van Kirk, Lawrence Johston, Harold Agnew.
Kamioka Observatory uses Super-Kamiokande - the world's largest water Cherenkov detector for cosmic particles, installed underground in the Kamioka region of Hida city, located in Gifu prefecture of central Japan - to capture particles known as neutrinos, a type of cosmic rays that are perpetually falling from outer space to earth.
Hida owed his life to a fortuitous journey into the countryside to treat a patient.
About 7,000 of the 11,000 photomultiplier tubes attached to the neutrino detector operated at the university's research facility in the city of Hida in Gifu Prefecture were found broken in November 2001 due to a chain reaction.
The team expects to complete an observatory measuring about 1 cubic kilometer by 2009-2010 that is about 20,000 times the capacity of the gigantic underground neutrino detector named Super Kamiokande in Hida, Gifu Prefecture.
Kenta Matsunami, 33, a former lower house member from the Liberal Democratic Party, incumbent Miyoko Hida, 64, a Democratic Party of Japan member who won the seat in the previous general election in November 2003, and Kazuhito Asanuma, 44, a newcomer from the Japanese Communist Party, have announced they will be contesting the seat.
Heavy, wet snowfall during the severe winters of the Hida region kept strangers out for most of the year, but also required an architecture that could provide strength and flexibility from limited resources.
Serhane tells the tale of two adolescents, one of whom is the narrator and the other his friend Moha Ou Hida.
Japan's trading companies are in the process of moving to a business model closer to that of companies like General Electric, or even private equity funds,' said Shuichi Hida, portfolio manager at Sanyo Investment Trust Management.