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Sick paedophiles who access these sites have learnt where and how to find them, often with special codes and passwords, and hidden files.
Sony has been heavily criticised in recent weeks for producing CDs that install hidden files on users' computers, similar to "rootkits" used by hackers to maintain control over a computer system.
In minutes, you can roll back your server to the exact state when your last backup occurred--with all system optimizations, hidden files, encrypted files, service packs, and data in place.
0 of SecureClean, which detects and permanently erases unneeded temporary hidden files, deleted e-mail and Internet browser history files.
Computer forensics can track down deleted files, hidden files, files created by the system or by software that users are not aware of (such as an automatic backup of a document), or fragmented files that are scattered throughout the storage devices we use.
Investigators who are tasked with looking for deleted e-mail messages or hidden files on suspects' computers face a formidable task.
With tools such as Vogon, the company's forensics specialist can examine the copy of the computer hard disk and uncover deleted files, secondary accounts, hidden files, encrypted files, files hidden in invisible partitions or alternate file streams, and uncover patterns in disguised files that give away their true natures.
This is because by default, Windows doesn't show what are known as hidden files.
Use the uninstall feature to make sure hidden files disappear.
Forgione and Blankley recommended six inexpensive and simple microcomputer security and control techniques: hidden files, alarm and lockup procedures, passwords, user logging, data encryption and disk-level security.
COM file and two hidden files necessary to run DOS on your floppy disk.