hide away

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The multi-platinum-selling singer, who released his seventh album Royalty last year, will be joined by American singer and songwriting Daya, known for her debut single Hide Away , and Australian chart-topping twins The Veronicas.
Potential licensees in the smoking control accessories industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize Hide Away Smoke Room on a worldwide basis.
"[Because this coating isn't ideal], they have to hide away someplace that's relatively protected if the weather is dry," says Lillywhite.
She wants to just hide away and somehow survive high school, but loyalty to Sari forces Jess to go to some parties and get involved in the machinations of the relationships among the other students.
Beyond the appearance, Volker also offers quality, ease of service, and safety features, such as hideaway side rails, secure bed legs that do not allow the bed to move, casters that move easily and automatically retract (hide away) as soon as the bed is raised, and a clean sharp-free area under the bed.
So hide away your boiling piss, pour the brain into a taxi and kill!
It could prove very easy to hide away from such shame and responsibility for no end of hurt and confusion in a prison cell, behind high walls, hidden from society.
SPAIN 0 CHILE 2 THIERRY Henry says Spain's players will want to hide away after suffering the humiliation of being the first holders to be dumped out of the World Cup after just two matches.
"We can't hide away from the fact that we have to take our medicine now, take the criticism that comes our way.
He thought that they were making fun, Of his enormous fame, So, he would quickly turn around, And hide away in shame.
"However, even though something may not be your cup of tea, it may be somebody else's, so please don't hide away any gifts you won't use - take them into your nearest Sue Ryder Care shop where they can be converted into vital funds to provide more hours of care."
Rather than hide away she is facing the world and showing how attractive you can still be even after the dreaded chemotherapy sessions.