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HIDE, measures. In England, a hide of land, according to some ancient manuscripts, contained one hundred and twenty acres. Co. Litt. 5; Plowd. 167; Touchst. 93.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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(You cannot show up at the gun club with something like this and expect people to not ask about it.) The original-design three-prong flash hider is pinned and welded in place, to avoid the NFA paperwork requirements of an SBR.
This Eagle, Sun and Star composition seems to have been a favorite of Jobe Charley's, as the Yakama chief appears to have possessed at least one other, virtually identical version of the same hider. (See pages 22 and 23 of the Glimpses article in this issue).
Hider thought Christianity's traditions got in the way of his attempts to create a racially pure' and highly martial society; 'we do not want any other God but Germany.
Bowling: Rubel Hossain 6-1-32-1, Abu Hider 9-1-50-2, Mehidy Hasan Miraz 8-0-21-0, Mashrafe Mortaza 8-0-67-0, Shakib Al Hasan 10-1-42-4, Mosaddek Hossain 4-0-18-0, Mominul Haque 3-0-15-0, Mahmudullah 2-0-5-0
Again, for the field of competition--no problem--but in a world of pop-up, shoot-back targets, I would highly recommend a flash hider over the compensator.
Bangladesh were unchanged, giving left-arm seamer Abu Hider another game ahead of Rubel Hossain.
Hider was a music lover who admired the music of Anton Bruckner, Richard Wagner, and Richard Strauss.
Indeed, Hider finds plenty of grim humor in the midst of the chaos of Iraq.
Dave Hider, 41, who works for Bromsgrove-based West Mercia Housing Group, is jetting off to Bangalore, in India, with his wife and two children to offer support, education and safe accommodation to destitute young people.
The release of the report that took place at Radisson SAS Hotel was patronized by UNDP's Honorary Human Development Ambassador, HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal who near the end of the ceremony commended the role of government, partner agencies and organizations for their quest and involvement in the uplifting of the human living conditions around the world and especially in the poverty stricken areas.Mona Hider, UNDP resident representative in Jordan, gave a speech after the welcoming remarks of Amal Dababseh, the UNDP's environmental specialist and moderator for the event.
Later, when revisiting the trays in private, any hider who'd been watched by a superior during the first episode shifted more treats to other hiding places than did a bird watched by a subordinate, a mate, or no other jay.
Not perhaps for Hider or Magda Goebbels; but for some of the lesser characters who have become trapped in the bunker with their Fuhrer.