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Automobiles and other high ticket items are a natural fit in the group buying model because dealers can move large numbers in one sale," said Jim Rose, CEO and co-founder of Accompany.
Americans will take a break from the thrifty '90s and turn the clock back to the luxury '80s as high ticket items will be on many travelers' 'have to have' lists rather than 'wish I had' lists," explained William S.
Certainly without government incentives the next set of figures will be eagerly awaited providing real evidence of whether consumers do feel that they are in a better position to invest in high ticket items such as cars.
This will reflect in future demand for high ticket items such as automobiles and could lead to a reversal of last month's gains manufacturing as it will weigh on future consumer consumption.
Questions in the survey are on the usual mix of subjects: Family finances, living conditions, jobs, and whether or not now is the right time to buy high ticket items (durable goods.
And in yellow is a record of how they answered when asked about current plans to buy high ticket items such as home appliances and electronics.
And, it seems, the market is there for such high ticket items in our area, with Katie recently selling a black version of the Kelly for PS4,999 and a Chanel black leather quilted handbag for PS1,999.
Additional Nectar points on high ticket items like alcohol also provide a good opportunity.
He believes that people, when in need for high ticket items such as hair removal, will shop around for price.
New products, latest stock, samples, seconds, high ticket items and services are up for grabs for shopaholics with an eye for a bargain with all proceeds going to the Disasters Emergency Committee, Tsunami Appeal.