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SteelEye LifeKeeper ensures the High Availability of mySAP Business Suite on Linux by providing automatic health monitoring of all essential application, database and system infrastructure components, and automatic component-level recovery in the event of a failure within the software or hardware infrastructure.
RainWall for High Availability Platform is available today with RainWall and RainConnect 3.
Legato Cluster solutions extend the Linux free-code philosophy to high availability by providing a Perl scripting environment that independent programmers can use to create high availability solutions for specific applications and deployments.
GoAhead Software is the worldwide leader in open standards-based high availability and systems management middleware for carrier-grade and mission critical systems where downtime is unacceptable.
Marathon's everRun line of high availability products protects Microsoft Windows applications from unplanned downtime while eliminating the need for costly and complex failover processes, specialized applications, or proprietary server hardware.
Voyence's new Geo-Diverse High Availability solution offers organizations added assurance to support more stringent compliance and IT governance policies by automating the process of transmitting device configurations to help sustain the network for superior service continuity.
MIMIX CDP sets a new industry standard by integrating high availability with true continuous data protection," noted industry analyst Sonia Lelii, Research Analyst, Aberdeen Group and author of The Data Protection Benchmark Report.
As a long-time SteelEye reseller, we have helped many customers solve their high availability and disaster recovery needs.
Under terms of the agreement, InSource will offer Marathon's high availability solutions to its broad spectrum of clients in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage, utilities, wood products, metal, consumer products and municipal vertical markets.
Marathon Technologies Corporation, the leading provider of high availability software for Microsoft([R]) Windows([R]) environments, today announced a 60 percent increase in revenue YTD in 2006 as compared to the same time period in 2005.
MIMIX CDP's unique any-point-in-time restore ability becomes even more critical within high availability solutions because corrupted data or accidental deletions are replicated in real-time.
Alliance Ensures the Compatibility of Marathon's High Availability Solutions with ICONICS' Virtualization Software; Enables Marathon to Tap ICONICS' Reseller Channel

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