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The combination of SteelEye LifeKeeper and DB2 for Linux provides customers with high availability failover support for enterprise applications like mySAP Business Suite, delivering 24x7 mission-critical uptime while lowering the total cost of computing.
Using the RainWall High Availability Platform, administrators have the freedom to choose best-of-breed Internet gateway applications without sacrificing availability or performance while achieving the cost and time saving benefits of an integrated high availability platform.
Although Linux has a wealth of load balancing and computer farm software, high availability or clustering software has been missing.
By combining GoAhead's proven leadership in high availability seen in more than 15,000 deployments worldwide, with Wickenby's expertise in ATCA and MicroTCA, customers can notably speed time to market and reduce project risk for deployment of systems based on these fast-emerging platforms," explains Kevin Gyllenberg, CTO for Wickenby Ltd.
The DX4000 is the culmination of Resilience's eight years of experience designing and delivering high availability and fault tolerant systems," said Michael Maulick, president and CEO of Resilience Corporation.
Resilience has raised the bar for the industry by delivering Integrated High Availability as a standard offering in a security solution.
Working with Marathon gives us an opportunity to augment our current IT offerings with cost-effective, reliable high availability solutions," said Mitumasa Okamoto, Corporate Officer of Uniadex.
AimNet was attracted to Marathon's use of virtualization technologies to make high availability solutions reliable and cost-effective.
With the addition of the Geo-Diverse High Availability solution, we will now be able to automate the process of instantly transferring verified network hardware configurations to backup equipment and continue business-as-usual.
BridgePort's use of GoAhead's current middleware ensures the high availability and reliability of our NomadicONE platform," said Steve Blumenthal, CTO of BridgePort Networks.
Our agreement with Marathon was based on growing customer demand for an effective high availability solution that was less expensive and more effective than traditional cluster technologies," said Carrol L.
The powerful CDP functionality provides an instant "undo" button for data loss or corruption and works as a stand-alone solution or fully integrated with high availability.

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