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With the growth of prudence in military affairs the projectile came more and more into favor, and is now held in high esteem by the most courageous.
And a Sahib in most high esteem. Come to my cell, chela.'
Dutocq was intimate with Godard, under-head-clerk to Baudoyer, and the high esteem in which Dutocq held Baudoyer was the original cause of his acquaintance with Godard; not that Dutocq was sincere even in this; but by praising Baudoyer and saying nothing of Rabourdin he satisfied his hatred after the fashion of little minds.
Pakistan enjoys a very friendly relationship with all Gulf countries and holds them all in high esteem, he said.
Her works of fiction and non-fiction are held in high esteem the world over.
Masses had and still hold her in high esteem for her contribution to Pakistan Movement and also leading the people head on towards their much cherished dream of strong democratic norms and culture in the country established through the power of votes.
Governor Makinde said that he holds Ibarapaland in high esteem as Eruwa was the first location he would visit outside Ibadan since he was sworn- in as Governor.
On this day, the Chief Minister presented glowing tributes to all journalists of Khyber Pakthunkhwa and held their sacrifices for supremacy of journalism in high esteem.
I DID not expect this from a prime minister whom, a majority of us hold in such high esteem.
During his visit to PAF Air Base here, he said PAF is one of the best air forces of the world and is taken in high esteem due to professional approach and capabilities, adding that the recent PAF earned good name for the country by demonstrating its professionalism recently against India.
Chairman NAB said that NAB holds the services of Dr Samad in high esteem and he himself will hear the details of allegations levelled against Dr Samad.
But when it comes to commitment and ethics, the men in olive green hold these values in high esteem.

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