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As my examiner Claire Lorenz, from the organisation Children of High Intelligence, put it: "You did well in that area, which is obviously essential for your job.
Brain efficiency may aid only some types of thinking, at least for people of high intelligence, he adds.
The parsing technology is the same high performance, high intelligence resume extraction technology that is incorporated in Taleo Enterprise Edition, Taleo's talent management solution for large enterprises.
Specialists attempt to prove the species is of high intelligence and beneficial to humans, rather than a danger
You may have been a child gifted with high intelligence, but every grown man prefers gadgets, writes David Williamson.
London, Mar 1 ( ANI ): Almost half of young women aged 18 to 25 would rather have larger breasts than high intelligence and a third would readily swap IQ for bigger boobs, a new study has revealed.
These are high integrity, high energy, high intelligence people who will make it happen for Think Partnership overseas, and Ben Jennings, Scott Mitchell and I are excited to have them join us.
For instance, some kids may become unruly as a result of an impulsive temperament, poor self-esteem, a violent home life, and little support from adults; others may turn violent through a combination of high intelligence, resourcefulness, poor parental monitoring, and acceptance into a youth gang.
Speaking to early years professionals, Mrs Hodge said that children from poor backgrounds showing high intelligence in their early years were often overtaken by richer but less intelligent children by the time they left school.
In Peter Savill we have a man of high intelligence and boundless energy.
What better solution than to educate such a child, alongside peers of similarly high intelligence, in a separate building i.
She is of high intelligence but her mobility and ability to speak are gravely impaired.

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