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a group of people said to share the traits of high intelligence.
Perhaps surprisingly, many psychology experts theorize that a high emotional intelligence quotient, or EQ, is a better predictor of leadership success than a high intelligence quotient, or IQ.
As mentioned above, humor is an indication of high intelligence, and high intelligence drives creativity.
Annabel is a fascinating character with high intelligence and a gift for languages, despite a lack of formal education.
What breed of horse is noted for its small size, erect posture, high intelligence and lively disposition?
The PNP should start accepting high school graduates and college undergraduates with a high intelligence quotient.
She's not only a worthy foe of the Batman and Superman but she is an intelligent and witty character that represents strong women with a high intelligence.
At the end of the letter, Faisal writes that proposal number five is not possible at present, given Iran's high intelligence superiority over its internal affairs.
The UK / Daily Mail / Newspaper quoted British high intelligence sources as saying that "amid growing risk about the direct threat to Britain, they gave / SAS / an open authority to kill or arrest the terrorist organization's leaders, including the mastermind behind the massacre that took place on the Sousse beach in Tunisia and claimed the lives of many British tourists.
Every year, hundreds of young Bahraini men and women graduate from various universities in Bahrain and overseas with high intelligence quotient.
The rebels were extorting money from the villagers for their upcoming anniversary on March 29 when chanced upon by government forces, sparking a 20-minute gun battle," Martinez said, adding six high-powered assault rifles, improvised explosive devices and subversive documents of high intelligence value were recovered at the scene of encounter.
His high intelligence and devotion to his military duties received the warm praise of the entire command and justified his imminent appointment as captain.

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