High water mark

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HIGH WATER MARK. That part of the shore of the sea to which the waves ordinarily reach when he tide is at its highest. 6 Mass. R. 435; 1 Pick. R. 180; 1 Halst. R. 1; 1 Russ. on Cr. 107; 2 East, P. C. 803. Vide Sea shore; Tide.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Way past high water mark," Captain Lynch remarked; "and I've been here eleven years." He looked at his watch.
The spot where we discovered the scarabaeus was on the coast of the main land, about a mile eastward of the island, and but a short distance above high water mark. Upon my taking hold of it, it gave me a sharp bite, which caused me to let it drop.
The high water mark provides the basis for fixing property boundaries in most countries.
The study saw stainless steel seamless tube samples in 316L, 904L and 2507 positioned 150 feet from the mean high water mark on the east coast of Florida directly facing the Atlantic Ocean for a period of one year.
We use state-owned ground when wildfowling, but this is mostly done on the water or below the high water mark. Most people who work dogs in the UK either go beating or picking up.
Much of it was collected from the high water mark above the banks of the River Rhymney, where a huge number of plastic bottles had been deposited.
At just after 7am on Saturday emergency services were called to the south end of Whitley Bay beach where a body had been spotted near the high water mark.
The Alaska Permanent Fund reached a new high water mark on Feb.
The operating margin was 26.2%, or 130 basis points lower than last quarter's high water mark due to higher compensation and payroll tax expenses and two fewer days of management fees in the current quarter.
I fear for a generation as we may have reached a high water mark in women's rights.
Now is not the high water mark in Queen of the South's history.
On Tuesday, April 22, John Arthur Jones, of Maes Barcer, Caernarfon and two friends were winkle picking on the mudflats near Bangor when they found the body on slates near the high water mark and called the police.