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In any case, it looks like high-tech medicine and better physician training boost life expectancy.
Technology expert Berger concentrates on wellness, covering the newer ideas about looking younger through diet and exercise, feeling younger through stress reduction, games, laughter, and keeping the mind active, preparing for doctors' office visits by being an informed patient before, during and after, researching health concerns online, including disease-specific information, men's and women's unique health issues, medication awareness, personal medical records, unconventional health care options, and high-tech medicine such as robots and gene therapy.
We enable primary care physicians to cost-effectively practice high-tech medicine while delivering the accuracy that specialists and hospitals demand.
Indeed, for all our high-tech medicine, Jamaican seniors outlive American seniors.
All the world is becoming wishfully American in the sense that we all want the same high living standards, high-tech medicine, car and air-borne mobility, email and the Internet, American TV, films and cartoons--the whole "American dream".