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People are reluctant to spend on high-ticket items when they're not moving or buying a house," she said.
In a research note, JPMorgan analyst Charles Grom said the company has confused buyers with its "Look Beyond the Basics" initiative that focuses on high-ticket items.
Categories with strong cross-channel competition are typically high-ticket items where consumers seek deals, such as beauty and personal care.
Results are based on data from the 2003 Consumer Expenditure Survey; a complete accounting of household expenditures, including high-ticket items such as homes and cars and small purchases like laundry detergent and videos.
Many of us understand this concept when it comes to our cars, our homes, or other high-ticket items, but we simply forget this when it comes to our bodies.
Shared high-ticket items are sourced by committee, usually based on collective experience.
Other high-ticket items are Martin acoustic guitars made before World War II and so-called "pre-CBS" Fender electric guitars, made before CBS bought the company in 1965.
Langdoc notes that some of these retailers are gaining benefits from tagging fast-moving, high-ticket items such as consumer electronics.
For both Lowe and Hilligoss, another reason to focus more on high-ticket items that individuals or couples tend to buy for themselves, rather than on less expensive gifts of art, stems from the subjective nature of art as well as the subjective nature of the word "affordable.
Increased consumer confidence and improved credit terms on high-ticket items contributed to a more than 16 percent increase in auto sales during 2003.
I'm not sure we've been doing anything all that different, but we are in an exceptionally good market and those high-ticket items are what have contributed to our sales figures.
As of late July, high-ticket items were reportedly selling very well.

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