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The discovery of the cluster organizations is extremely important to construct an index structure for implementation in high-dimensional datasets to assist efficient inquiries [6].
Fujitsu Laboratories' propriety high-dimensional statistical analysis technology allowed measurement data obtained from ships underway to be used as is, for the successful analysis of the influence of a variety of simultaneously integrated factors, such as meteorological and hydrographic conditions.
In recent studies, t-SNE has been successfully used to determine two-dimensional projections of high-dimensional data, e.
It was demonstrated in the dissertation that the neighbor occurrence frequencies in intrinsically high-dimensional data tend to be correlated with local cluster centrality.
1 Cluster analysis and high-dimensional data features
For large quantities of high-dimensional data, the backtracking stops usually due to the number of visited leaf nodes reaches the pre-defined limit.
He will introduce efficient and effective graphs for the visualization of massive and high-dimensional data which are hard to visualize due to human visualization ability, which is limited to three-dimensional spaces and to the limitations inherited in the existing visualization tools.
To increase the computational power of the linear learning machines, nonlinear mappings can be used to transform the data into a high-dimensional feature space in which a linear learning methodology is then applied.
In this application, Stanyl high-heat resins combine high-dimensional stability with excellent mechanical strength at high temperatures, the manufacturer says.
It is expected that this nonlinear modeling approach can be incorporated into the NIST High-dimensional Empirical Linear Prediction (HELP) Toolbox, which will soon be available on the NIST Web site.
Indexing high-dimensional data spaces is an emerging research domain, gaining increasing importance due to the need to support modern applications with powerful search tools.
com/research/b7aa32/multivariate_stati) has announced the addition of John Wiley and Sons Ltd's new report "Multivariate Statistics: High-Dimensional and Large-Sample Approximations" to their offering.

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