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Although Turks admire comedians, they do not take them into higher circles and reward them socially.
If this administration collapses there are always plenty jobs in higher circles for the rich and famous.
It has been learnt that Capt (Retd) Liaqat has been relieved from Islamabad due to complaints lodged with higher circles against him.
He hit out: "I have been around the higher circles of the Conservative Party long enough to fear that on Europe Mr Cameron says one thing in opposition and will do another in Government.
With an ability to portray a rare side and the elegance of the Arabian horse -- an integral part of Arab culture -- Dajani already has a number of fans in higher circles.
A halfsister to middle-distance winners Whitewater Affair and Little Rock, she has the breeding to mix in higher circles as she matures, and this afternoon looks a prime opportunity.
VERTON'S rehabilitation into the elite of English football will take time - let alone moving into the higher circles of European football.