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The subject of the public contract is the delivery of 1 new passenger car of a higher class approved in accordance with Act No.
Hence, a user who cannot afford higher class can't travel with ease," the report said.
But if they sit in a higher class seat they will still be charged.
That improving winner could go in again, especially as both the third and fifth scored next time out, while the runner-up was placed in higher class.
I think I've been involved in bigger fights before against higher class opposition," said Groves.
Year of foundation: 2006 1) Summary of the Operating Dairy Farm (company for the production of milk) * Location - Ukraine * Total area of land - 4,300 ha * Number of cattle heads (2012) - 7,134 (origin of Europe) * Average production of one cow - 9 tons of milk in year * Quality of Milk - Ukrainian Standard - extra class - EU Standard - higher class * Breed of Cattle - Holsteins (origin of Europe) * Feed Factory - own supply Succulent Fodder * Financial Result (2012): - Net Profit - more 4 mln USD; - EBITDA - about 8 mln USD.
Dear me no, my (disowned) family were of a much higher class than that pleb.
Protesters fear schoolchildren and the elderly will bear the brunt of cuts to services with increased care costs, higher class sizes and the closure of school libraries.
Get thee to a nunnery Mansion on the site of a 13th century priory Page 4 Sympathetically restored Renovated farmhouse nominated for award Pages 6-7 Let there be light Modern home with high windows and roof glazing Page 14 A higher class of property Five storey home with views of the Malverns Pages 20-21 Property Expert Why you shouldn't be afraid of The Young Ones Pages 30 EDITED by Alison Jones Tel: 0121 234 5028.
M2 EQUITYBITES-December 16, 2013-Urstadt Biddle Properties declares higher class A common dividends for quarter
It launched its 'Retail Revolution' design ten years ago, but it aims to modify the dealerships to draw a higher class of customers.
There's echoes of the 'Gourmet Night' episode of Fawlty Towers here as Mark attempts to bring in a higher class of clientele, although he focuses on the most important meal of the day - breakfast.