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DIPLOMA. An instrument of writing, executed by, a corporation or society, certifying that a certain person therein named is entitled to a certain distinction therein mentioned.
     2. It is usually, granted by learned institutions to their members, or to persons who have studied in them.
     3. Proof of the seal of a medical institution and of the signatures of its officers thereto affixed, by comparison with the seal and signatures attached to a diploma received by the witness from the same institution, has been held to be competent evidence of the genuineness of the instrument, although the witness never saw the officers write their names. 25 Wend. R. 469.
     4. This word, which is also written duploma, in the civil law, signifies letters issued by a prince. They are so called, it is supposed, a duplicatis tabellis, to which Ovid is thought to allude, 1 Amor. 12, 2, 27, when he says, Tunc ego vos duplices rebus pro nomine sensi Sueton in Augustum, c. 26. Seals also were called Diplomata. Vicat ad verb.

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I would like personally to offer my warmest congratulations to all those learners who have worked so hard to gain their Access to Higher Education Diplomas and who now are able to take up places at universities and other higher education providers.
The 2020 strategy lays out an increase to 40% at least of the number of 30-34-year-olds holding a higher education diploma by the end of the decade (compared with 33.
Three years of training leads to a higher education diploma and qualification as a registered nurse, combining theory with practical experience.
The candidate should be below the age of 25 years as of October 1, 2017 and must hold a general secondary certificate or Higher Education Diploma or should have completed Grade plus 2.
There is also a range of professional courses and qualifications for adults either already in employment or hoping to return to work, as well as a full-time Access to Higher Education Diploma covering 30 weeks for adults aiming to go to university.
Participant agencies present the available educational opportunities for the academic year (2014/2015) for student obtaining Higher Education Diploma at governmental and private schools, as well as those who would like to continue their higher studies.
The awards celebrate the achievements of people who have overcome obstacles in order to succeed on the Access to Higher Education Diploma and proceed to higher education.
According to the source, the Commission is intent on rationalising its programmes in order to meet the Europe 2020' targets - ie reducing school drop-outs to under 10% and increasing to a minimum of 40% the population aged 30-34 holding a higher education diploma.
I really love' Obtaining a Higher Education Diploma in Youth and Community Studies from Liverpool John Moores has certainly helped pave the way for this demanding role.
Three years' training leads to a higher education diploma and qualification as a registered nurse.
FIRCROFT College of Adult Education is now enrolling on its Access to Higher Education Diploma in Social Science and Humanities - a full-time 30-week course aimed at adults who want to go to university but don't currently have the right qualifications.
Yahya bin Salam al-Manthri, HEAC"s Acting Direction General said, in a press conference, that the number of students who succeeded in the higher education diploma and its equivalent stood at 34,347 competing for 32,930 seats.

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