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DIPLOMA. An instrument of writing, executed by, a corporation or society, certifying that a certain person therein named is entitled to a certain distinction therein mentioned.
     2. It is usually, granted by learned institutions to their members, or to persons who have studied in them.
     3. Proof of the seal of a medical institution and of the signatures of its officers thereto affixed, by comparison with the seal and signatures attached to a diploma received by the witness from the same institution, has been held to be competent evidence of the genuineness of the instrument, although the witness never saw the officers write their names. 25 Wend. R. 469.
     4. This word, which is also written duploma, in the civil law, signifies letters issued by a prince. They are so called, it is supposed, a duplicatis tabellis, to which Ovid is thought to allude, 1 Amor. 12, 2, 27, when he says, Tunc ego vos duplices rebus pro nomine sensi Sueton in Augustum, c. 26. Seals also were called Diplomata. Vicat ad verb.

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As well as continuing to study at Fircroft he is volunteering his time as a support worker and aims to enrol on the Access to Higher Education Diploma next year, with the longer term aim of going to university.
96/2011 issued on October 30, 2013, nominees should be Omanis, not younger than 30 years of age, with no criminal history, registered in the electoral system, not belonging to any security or military units, not suffering from any mental problems and the most important requirement is that they need to have no less than a higher education diploma.
70 holders of master degrees and200 holders of bachelor degree, in addition to holders of higher education diploma post general education.
We are committed to working in partnership with Higher Education providers to develop a Higher Education Diploma to support the continued professional development of our staff.
The full-time Access to Higher Education Diploma starts every September and has residential and non-residential places available.
Those interested in becoming a nurse must have a minimum of five GCSE passes at grade C or equivalent and they must be aged over 17 and a half to get onto a three-year higher education diploma as a registered nurse.
As well as its short courses, Fircroft also offers a full-time Access to Higher Education Diploma for people wishing to go on to university.
Michelle, 23, of Ormesby, achieved the Open College Network access to higher education diploma in social science and humanities at Redcar and Cleveland College.
NThose interested in becoming a specialist nurse must first achieve a higher education diploma as a registered nurse.
Fircroft is now accepting applications on its Access to Higher Education Diploma, a full-time 30-week course starting in September aimed at adults who want to go to university, but don't currently have the right qualifications.

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