Highest bidder

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HIGHEST BIDDER, contracts. He who, at an auction, offers the greatest price for the property sold.
     2. The highest bidder is entitled to have the article sold at his bid, provided there has been no unfairness on his part. A distinction has been made between the highest and the best bidder. In judicial sales, where the highest bidder is unable to pay, it is said the sheriff may offer the property to the next highest, who will pay, and he is considered the highest best bidder. 1 Dall. R. 419.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It was a situation where you buy the conscience of the people and the ballot went to the highest bidder. We are supposed to have passed that stage.
Tata Steel had put in an offer of Rs 17,000 crore for Bhushan Power and Steel which made it the highest bidder in the initial round when JSW had bid Rs 11,000 crore.
It is recalled that the highest bidders have claimed that they are buying these buffalos due to their attachment to the PM House.
Petrobras, as the company is known, will likely decide whether to call a second round with the highest bidders, or enter exclusive talks with the single highest bidder, the sources said.
Mansha's consortium was not the highest bidder, but it eventually matched the price quoted by the highest bidder.
STEPHEN STEWARTs.stewart@dailyrecord.co.uk TWO of the last genuine cans of Creamola Foam are set to be sold to the highest bidder online.
While we have been busy selling off our national assets to the highest bidder, most other European countries have done much more to keep control of their industries and protect local jobs from international pressures, interpreting European rules to protect their national interests.
The couple -- Mugdha Mohanty and Shailendu Mohanty of Khurda district -- was the highest bidder this year for the second pitcher of water after the first was set aside for consecration and other rituals on the eve of Rukuna Rath Yatra, the Car Festival of the Lord Lingaraj, late Thursday night.
When there is nobody around to outbid the highest bidder, the auctioneer strikes the hammer with the words "Sold!" It changes the legal ownership of the item from the seller to the buyer.
But the highest bidder who lives in Surrey refused to cough up the money and the deal fell through, even when oered to the next highest bidder Now Helen and Kathryn, who both live in Prestatyn, say they will try and sell the dress made from 20,000 loom bands through professional sellers.