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HIGHWAYMAN. A robber on the highway.

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Merry took legal action against Charles Colthurst over the ownership of Blarney Highwayman, who was bred by Merry, after the six-year-old gelding won a Kilworth point-to-point for Colthurst in March 2010.
I'd never thought about why Mr Highwayman makes me so cross, until this week at my goddaughter's first birthday party.
But visitors to the castle who faced English Heritage's Time Travelling Highwayman, played by historic re-enactor Mark, felt a little better about being liberated of their jewels and valuables - thanks to the winning smile of Henry the horse.
Captured by the band led by Monty, the dashing headless highwayman who rides Naggerly, a sabre-toothed talking horse that devours philosophical tomes, lke is chained to the treacherous imp, Nuckl, and led off to be tried for treason.
With no cask ales on draught, it's clear that the Highwayman is more a food pub and it wisely focuses on traditional pub favourites for its menu.
VERDICT: This tale of a dandy highwayman is just dandy.
The Beggar's Opera performances have a bawdy, pantomime-ish, appeal, complete with cross-dressing, which leads to one of the funniest scenes of the play where Macheath, the highwayman, goes to a tavern filled with ladies of dubious virtue, who variously try to seduce him.
However, this year Glen, 72, returned to his old record company Capitol Records, 27 years since he left in 1981, following a big bust up over his song Highwayman, which later went on to become a number one hit for The Highwaymen in 1985.
Audiences will see Twm grow up before their eyes as they have a glimpse of 16th century country life and learn what made Twm the most famous Welsh highwayman of them all.
David Dutchyn used a key to get into Highwayman Coaches' office at night after being dismissed for bad timekeeping.
1783: Highwayman John Austin became the last person to be publicly hanged at London's notorious Tyburn Gallows
Then two films with a supernatural twist, Harriet and The Highwayman, will be shown on April 25 from 7.

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