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HIGHWAYMAN. A robber on the highway.

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But it was a case of too little, too late when former Sunderland striker Stephen Elliott netted his first goal for the Highwaymen in injury-time.
They, however, put up resistance when the highwaymen started snatching ornaments from Yasmeen.
D Buick (4/25) and C Folwer (3/22) did the damage for the Highwaymen.
1946), an artist who was part of the Highwaymen, a group of self-trained African American painters who sold works out of the trunks of their cars during the 1960s and 70s.
The museum's Dr Katherine Prior said: "Richard Turpin is one of the most infamous highwaymen in the world but very little information on what he looked like survives.
However, this year Glen, 72, returned to his old record company Capitol Records, 27 years since he left in 1981, following a big bust up over his song Highwayman, which later went on to become a number one hit for The Highwaymen in 1985.
CORVALLIS - Lane Community College outfielder Andrew Goodpaster drove in three runs to lead the Salem Post 9 Highwaymen to a 6-2 win over the Eugene Bi-Mart Challengers at the Richey's Market Fourth of July Tournament on Saturday.
Its humorous take on the lives of highwaymen, thieves, pickpockets, fences and whores, as well as its cutting satire on the corruption of the day, was lapped up by all sections of society, high and low, and the songs in the play became firm popular favourites.
The Highwaymen, as they came to be called, summoned up in their paintings a Florida landscape of great beauty and often mystery, one that beckoned to both natives and Northerners drawn to the world of swaying palm trees, exotic wildlife, primeval wetlands and spectacular sunsets that this paradise of a peninsula offered.
and ``Tom Dooley'' paved the way for the likes of Peter, Paul & Mary, the Highwaymen, the Limelighters, the Byrds and Bob Dylan.
Owners cannot distinguish honest contractors from highwaymen.
A couple of dandy highwaymen (Daniel Lapaine, Matthew Rhys) kidnap their sweethearts in an attempt to persuade the girls to marry them in THE ABDUCTION CLUB (Pathe Distribution, pounds 5.

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