HIGLER, Eng. law. A person who carries from door to door, and sells by retail, small articles of provisions, and the like.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The temperature and the hydrological regime have been mentioned as dominant factors in the seasonal structuring of the macroinvertebrate community (Hawkins & Sedell, 1981; Statzner & Higler, 1986; Beltran et al., 2011), meaning that in dry seasons (low water) macroinvertebrates have greater possibilities of colonising the river area, since the habitat becomes homogenised and their densities and specific richness can increase (Poff & Ward, 1989; Poff et al., 1997; Reynaga & Dos Santos, 2013).
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En general la descarga hidraulica de un rio, es considerada como un factor importante de perturbacion ambiental que gobierna la estructura (Townsend, 1989; Ramirez & Pringle, 1998) y la zonacion de macroinvertebrados (Statzner & Higler, 1986).
Higler, MAI, is a staff real estate appraiser/consultant with the Broward County government in Florida, and maintains a private consulting/appraisal practice within the greater Fort Lauderdale area.
1984, Statzner and Higler 1986), some studies show that factors like disturbance, competition, and substrate heterogeneity can profoundly influence local species richness (e.g., McAuliffe 1984, Hart and Horwitz 1991, O'Connor 1991, Hart 1992, Kohler 1992, Douglas and Lake 1994).
In addition to the classification schemes suggested above, many others are offered (Bartels, 1981; Cundiff and Higler, 1984; Jain, 1987; and Shelp, 1984).