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The day she moved in there was bunch of hijras at the door.
In a National Event Organized by Pehchan, Hijras Highlight Discrimination and Demand Equality for Their Community
Khaki said the court also ordered the government to evolve a mechanism to ensure that hijras are not harassed and also take steps to ensure their inheritance rights.
Addressing Arabs and Muslims on the occasion of the Islamic New Year, or Hijra, to be celebrated on Wednesday, Fadlallah said, "Viciousness has emerged in order to destroy Islam on the political, economic, cultural and security levels.
Although queer-identified individuals are still subjects of public ridicule in India, some attention has been attracted by the fact that the legal system does not recognize the Hijra human rights.
While the Christians are observing the season of Lent, the Muslims have finished their celebration of the Hijra and are looking forward to the anniversary of the birth of Muhammad.
Another Moroccan group suspected is Attakfir wal Hijra.
Another Moroccan group suspected is the Attakfir wal Hijra.
Some hijra appeared at a wedding I attended in Lucknow.
In an hour-long performance Pritham takes on the role of a hijra - giving graphic details of the castration ceremony.
On the contrary, Egypt provided extensive intelligence and other forms of practical support to the US, in view of its extensive experience in combating Islamist organisations such as Al Jihad, Gamaa Al Islamiyya, Tafkir Wal Hijra, etc - all of which had associations of one type or another with Al Qaida and could be said to have shared similar motivations and objectives (see the latest edition of SBME & the following pages).
990/1582), preserve reports that suggest that the Prophet's hijra to Madina may have been paved by diplomatic negotiations rather than providential intervention, as usually portrayed in the standard sira material.